sell account for limit level

Dear flaregames,did you know so many kings/players are quiting your game ?? Do you know why ?? You make level limit as 120 right ?? When some player has reached level 120 for what they play more ?? Without more destiny and finally they will quit and stop playing your game anymore

I have some idea to promoted your game,why you not make new inovation for this game ?? Like as when some player has reached level limit then can selling theirs account or id back to you. Thats will make more people download your game even one man will have more than 1 account. And good news never player will quit your game anymore. I am in group facebook,i saw so many players quit or selling theirs account. In my country (indonesia) no more people know about your game Royal Revolt 2,and i think my idea will make your game to be number 1 in world game online. Thanks :slight_smile:


and think about gears/items,towers. some player high level also have ice tower,archer tower,etc but are useless. why they are not make this tower (useless) can be usefull with more option like sell tower feature. so we can sell this towers for gold,gems or pearls. as you know archer tower was have 2 boost but they are still useless and no one from mid-high level use that,what you think in future ?? will add new boost ?? and if still useless,new boost again and again ?? and for items,we can’t get offer for legendary items everyday when we has buy once,may be we can give or take items between player to player and change it with golds,gems,or pearls. so no more items or towers useless

I agree. Selling obsolete towers as we progress would be an excellent feature.

Yap , u sale your tower, and after maintaince that tower get boost and somehow very powerfull, you complain again