Sell or melt?

Is it better to sell items we get in chests for gold, or let the blacksmith melt them down?  If we choose to keep them so we can compare them to what we already have, do we get as much for the items if we sell them from our inventory as we do it we sell them directly from the chest?

first of all before sell the items or melt them down, take a look if you can replace the new item with the hero gears that you already wear, then if the item isn’t so powerful as your worn items so you can sell it if you need gold or melt down it if you need pearls, i suggest to melt down always the items since the gold around is good enough and if you play constantly you can easily collect a good amount of gold. 

Pearls are the main source in terms of forging for towers/troops/obstacles/hero gears so is better melt down always the items in my opinion since the cost to forge the latter ones is high enough to suck all your pearls hard collected in few seconds.

The items sold are worth less generally and about melting down an item the price to melt down an item is half of the original price of it (for example the item you found has a value of 500.000 gold to melt down it you’ll need 250.000 gold)

Sell an item from the inventory or from the chest doesn’t matter, is the same.

Hi Pelle,


What is a good blacksmith lvl And slots I don’t mean maxed but workable… lvl 80 as a guide


At least four slots and blacksmith building level 9.


I think at your level and only playing a few days. I would place more value on gold, as you level your equipment will improve. You can’t use pearls on towers or troops yet. So I would save equipment to sell when you need gold.

Kkstar has good guide base on level in the forum if you’re interested.




Yes 4 slots of blacksmith is a good and medium target

Hi William

Not sure what you mean about cannot forge troops half of mine I can some towers and most blockades

Spells also?


Thanks William, so I’ll make a guide on forges too!

I was replying to Djeaton post. If you have only been playing a few days pearls are not as valuable yet. His troops are more than likely not high enough to forge. Towers and traps will not be either. 

Yeah. I’m new.  Not just to the game, but to this whole genre.  I had tried, a while back, to “get into” Clash of Clans when I had some family playing and was going to join their alliance and such, and I really wanted to like the game, but I just couldn’t wrap my head around it and the progression there was so slow unless you spent money (that I don’t have).  I like this much, much better.  After my first 72 hours, I just now got my starter pack offer.  Not sure if that is worth it or not. But I’m doing pretty well in my noob opinion.  I’m probably the only person in this gold tournament that is half over that just now got their starter pack offer. LOL  And I got #1 in both the bronze and silver even though I have zero friends playing so I don’t get insta-troops.  Only had that happen once.  Probably need to find a more active alliance.  

Well i warn you…here is the almost the same, you can clearly go ahead without spending a penny but as long as you go ahead you’ll be almost obliged to spend something because there are particular things where you take ages. (example: blacksmith slots)

The starter package is a must to buy (most of the offer packages will appear when you have low gems, so the game tricks you telling: “hey if you want this package you have to buy gems”

As a former developer, I have no problem giving Flare a little of my money.  My issue is spending it as wisely as possible due to the limited nature of it.  I’ve been disabled and unable to work for over a decade now, so I have to pinch pennies until they scream! LOL   I had already purchased that gem trunk every day for 30 days.  I have three worker slots now.  They are offering me another worker slot (normally 1,000 gems) and 2.8M gold for $5 worth of gems.  Guess I’ll go for it since you say it is a “must buy”.  

the starter package should include 3rd spell slot or 3rd unit slot and some extra things:

Check this page to know all the offer packages (it is still work in progress the page)

Also the wikia overall can help you.

Thx.  BTW, I’ve seen your youtube channel and have subscribed to it.  I like that I can watch it on my TV via my Roku while the wife is sleeping.  All your hard work doing subtitles makes it a silent experience that is unique. :slight_smile:   

I’d like to join an alliance that is active.  Do you recommend yours?

Oh, and I think the reason why I didn’t get additional spell and troop slots is because I had already gotten them.  While I have only played three days (today is number four), I have played for MOST of those day.  Unless I was asleep, I was playing on my laptop or phone.

I completely recommend Pelle’s alliance, but they only accept high players

Ahaha good so ! My videos work for something =P

And yes we are looking for mid-high level players around 4k trophies and 500k donation minimum, all the details here: 


500k :slight_smile:  Don King =  oPelle  :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

In the future, my alliance will catch up with you.
Maybe in 2-3 years :wink:

I have high intentions, does that count? :wink:    Looks like trying to get into a good alliance is like trying to apply for a mortgage.  You only succeed if you can prove you don’t need the help. LOL  But look at this handsome devil.  Who can say no to him?

You are in a good alliance, Jason W can teach you the basis for the game