Sell or melt?

You and Jason are the only two YouTube sources of info on the game that I follow.  That is why I joined his alliance.  But it seems like the benefits of being in an alliance are only as good as activity in the alliance.  Probably 98% of the vast amount of time I’ve spent on this over the last three or four days, I’ve been the only alliance member signed in.  So that option to do things like request troops is just a novelty to me.  I have invited everyone that I know that plays games, but no one is interested.  I guess I need to find more in-game friends, but the folks that I find that are helpful in forums and such don’t accept friend requests.

You may find useful also the video of Flothaboss:

I had not come across his stuff yet.  I’ll check it out.  Thanks.

I think you’re on good hands if you’re in Jason’s alliance :slight_smile:  

Send me a friend request. I will gladly accept. My alliance has a 500k also though. Not quite as high on trophies requirements, but still over 3500 preferred. You don’t really want in mine or Opelle alliance. War would not be fun for you. I was in a alliance with a lot higher level members when I 1st started playing. I was only able to take out a blockade before being killed in war. Just keep playing and make sure you save gems for Alliance Tower upgrades. You should be able to get it up to the 100k level without money.

I’ve been doing those free exercises for gems and spending most of it on alliance tower upgrades.  After four days now, I’m capped at 20K per day, but hope to increase that cap in the next 24-48 hours.  I’m in this as much for the social aspect as anything else, so I am doing a lot of medal farming and upgrading as fast as possible.  

Alliance Tower level is as important if not more so  than trophies and hero level. If it’s high enough most alliances will  make exceptions to the those other requirements. I believe even more so in the future, with less war now.  A 3200 trophies player with a max alliance tower will have a easier time finding a top alliance vs a 4500 trophie  with a 150k tower.



With the starter package which is good … heres what I did

Wait for the starter package offer … then buy a worker for 500 gems then

Buy the starter package so both for 1100 gems

I used to feed my family doing programming, so I want to support the developers.  I just don’t have much to do so.  But I did get the month’s worth of gem-box-a-day and purchased the starter pack.  My alliance tower is where I spend most of my gems.  It’s upgrading to level 5 or 6 right now.  Can’t check because I was just disconnected again.  But it will be upgraded just in time for my daily contribution to the alliance. :slight_smile:   I’m actually trying to keep my trophy count minimal right now.  It gives me easier targets when I farm medals for the tournaments.  I’m just now starting the platinum one, so we will see how that turns out in 48 hours.  After I get my five stars, I’ll focus on more of a balance between trophies and medals.

The last star is very hard to get. Lot of top players medal farm for that league.


I’ll be satisfied with 4 stars after 1 week of play. :wink:   Do I have to be in top three to get that 4th star?

Yes top 3, last one you have to get 1st place.


I am 90 minutes away from owning the Platinum Tournament by a healthy 7K medal margin.  I won the prior tournaments by healthy margins as well.  I have never played a game like this before, started on Wednesday night, and was able to accomplish this with a level 40 knight in 5 days.  So 4-STARS in 5-days.  And all it cost me was time, the gem-box-a-day pack, the starter-pack, and Warrior Package.  Without any cheating, I was pulling in roughly 155 medals per minute of battle guaranteed.  Worked out to about 5K per hour once you figure in all the time between battles and time to get more bread.  If there is any interest, I’ll document exactly how I did it.  Now, in all honesty, I did purchase some gems after I was well in the lead because I had exhausted all my bread, friend vouchers, and gems.  Didn’t want to start with nothing tomorrow.  But I would have likely been able to do this without some of those if I had not, over those five days, been upgrading my alliance tower to level 7.  That, and some early noob mistakes, cost me a lot of gems. 

Congrats, Hope you get the last star. 


You can do it, but need a little luck. I won the 2nd diamond league i entered at about level 50 with over 50k medals.
No gems or vouchers involved (as a free player, i use vouchers only for getting gems), just videos for bread before a fight.

Good luck :slight_smile:

Due to some health issues that hit me like a ton of bricks last night, I’m afraid that I’m going to be out of commission for most of the Diamond event.  And it sounds like if I don’t get first place, there is no point in playing at all since I don’t get that last star.  So what happens to the rest of us that don’t win it?  Do we start over again at bronze?

If you achieve rank 1-10 you stay in diamond, if you achieve 11-15, you drop down to platinum.

Hi I am still low level, but now in over a hundred clicks, I find only players with 15 medals, before I was playing against those that had up to 100 medals, and able to stay in top 5 slots, mostly number 1 slot in the bronze, gold, platinum and diamond battles.  Now I am struggling to get past 13th place.  I too have found my players inactive. and follow the utube plays.   Is there a solutio to getting the vouchers and rewards working again?  For the past week the vids shortening has not worked.  I love this game, but it seems it does not love me.  I joined Der Clan 006 at the wrong time.King Arlin and I seem to be the only active players in this level 7 alliance.

I was finding lower and lower medal counts to obtain as well.  Started mining medals in the mine (aka dungeon) and can consistently pull in 150-200 medals per room that way.


A quick q… I get the stars and getting a few gems but what else is there for this? Curious…