Sell towers, thx jona

Any way we can sell towers that we dont need?

I have many firebolt towrs that i upgrade that i dont need, it will make the game better, thx jona

Yes I agree with you but…there is another same post here  :wink:

@Spartecus, selling might not be a great idea, as the game evolves and develops often towers that seem worthless now become upgradeable and are worth having (snake good example). If you sell them you will have to start again from scratch to get any new feature in an improved tower. Better to store them in case they come in handy later, if they buff firebolt they could be go to tower again.

Firstly, I’d like to say I am quite glad I couldn’t sell my snake towers when they were still completely useless. Was pretty chuffed to still have them and integrate them into my defence after 1.4 updates.

Secondly, I don’t think flare would go for it or if they do the price would be 1/10 of the actual cost. Otherwise it would be a very potent way of saving cash for big upgrades.

well what would i get for selling lvl 3 firebolt tower?