Selling defense for half?

I have read month old ramblings about this but did not see anything attempted, So… I think flare should allow us to sell our defense items for half the price we paid to build them.

So say I build the snake tower but decide I don’t like them or use nothing but firebolt and skull, I would have 750,000 gold just sitting there wasted.

We should at least get half the the amount back if not half a fourth.

This would decrease constant grinding, Any thoughts flare?

Agreed. But I can tell u that I wouldnt sell anything, because it could suddenly appear a war boost, like it was with blockade.

Yes but people like me that have 8 arrow towers 9 gargoyle 11 snake and 6 firebolt 1 frost and can only use 14? That’s 20 towers I don’t need.

That would be a dream come true!

Nowadays with new Special Elite Boosts everywhere, every tower,troop,etc can come useful again. However yes this thing has been already suggested long time ago.