Selling Unused Towers

I think we should be able to sell our unused towers for Gold or Gems, What do you guys think ?


Especially the Arrow Towers that we upgraded in the beginning of the game are now useless in the higher ranks so instead of keeping them in inventory taking up space, why not be able to sell those hard earned upgraded towers for needed gold or Gems.

just like I suggested that we should be able to sell food for gems.

If I take a look into selling things from granny, a low level tower (like arrow tower) will bring u only 300 gold or less at max level. ^^

What about spikes? I used them before, but now, i just use blockades. So, i got about 9 spikes in my inventory of level 6 or 7 and I want to get rid of them.

Maybe spikes will be upgraded in future - you will feel good if you don’t spend time and gold again this.

but all top players don’t use spikes, so i figured that if i had to be like them i had to use blockades like them. 

Maybe they will use them in future like the new monsters/ buffed snake tower - even with an upgrade which could come soon. 

Yeah, maybe one day…

Some of the ‘top’ players are using spikes, take a look at the top ten, at least one has them in his base, others have had them off and on of late too, at the highest level they can do some damage so maybe not too wise to dump them.

but spikes don’t have a lot of health.

I totally agree. Being stuck with weak defence towers & barricades which occupy slots is totally lame. They SHOULD be sellable!! The gold or gems don’t really matter as long as the slots are available to build better ones.

You would be surprised, but I’m now at level 103 and started maxing and forging an old low level arrow tower.

Main reason: If you check thoroughly, this tower, if forged for range, has the longest achievable range of all the towers. You need to max and forge it for damage as well.

I have located it at a central point of my cross-shaped base. It has now a range of 8.6 and hits the attacking king at many areas, while being unreachable. It’s arrows are small and they are barely visible to the attacker. The attacking king loses his shield before he can even realize how could this happen.

Also, sometimes Arrow towers are boosted as a seasonal boost. Nice to have them ready for this.

Nevertheless, we should have the option of selling it rather than being forced to use it  :L

You can store it in inventory. Flothaboss would have 20 of each :wink:

Store it & do what?! I need the slots for other towers!!

I hate this idea!

hope it never be realized! Coz its mean many guys will sell their need towers by mistake!

“Sell their need towers by mistake”?! Really?? So it’s better to be stuck with lame towers than avoid stupid mistakes which can inevitably be replaced by earning gold? Talk sense please…


which tower u think is lame?

for example i have all towers near 8-15 max

and all obstacles 10-15

and i dnt think they lame.i even prolong perk ALL of them

 i wait ur answer)

I’d much rather have blockades over barricades, & similarly gargoyle/snake/fireboat towers over those lame arrow/bomb/frost towers anyway  :L

Firebolt** anyday** damn autocorrect