Sending gift to alliance members?

Sending gift to all aliance members can be cool. It can be in a small amount in game purchase and we can send a titan chest or gems to all team members. It makes all happy… 

There’s something about sending in game currency to other players that violates at least itunes’ TOS. So I don’t think that’s possible. 

At some other games like OR it was possible. The game make special times and we were able to send small amount of gems to all alliance members (purchased in game). And some members were ios users. 

Hello, I do not know if this idea has been suggested before by the much older players than I am but wouldn’t it be a good idea to share, give, or gift gems to other players? 

I mean I think FG’s profits will not be affected by this because the “gifter” would still have to buy gems to give to the “receiver”. 

I think this is a good idea since I think many players still do not have credit cards to use for transactions. This option would allow their friends to use their credit cards to gift them gems.

A) This have been mentioned in two different iterations by @Hellslord already, so ill merge this topic with his ones

B). The idea was turned down because it is hard to implement without opening a loophole for exploiters and cheaters

It’s also explicitly prohibited under iTunes TOS, so unless Flaregames wants to abandon iOS as a platform, it ain’t happening. 

Thank you, I thought the idea was not proposed before. :wink:

In fact i mentioned before not exactly sharing gems, i suggested before something like an alliance chest. It is an event. price something like 2-3 dollar and when someone buy it (only 1 per event)  everyplayer in team gets something like 50 gems. Idea not original, it came to my mind from another game i played at past… So it has an example, can be done safely… 

Sorry couldn’t find that older post you made before hence this new post that I did. But I guess the idea of sharing gems is far from ideal.

Really?  There is a Zynga game called Empires & Allies where you can gift gems to alliance members.

Personally, as my alliance’s general I would love to gift gems for activity.  Or better yet, buy a chest for a member as a prize for an alliance contest (like most trophies gained in a week, etc)

I don’t play the game, but from 5 minutes of research it looks like you can gift regular resources between friends, but you can’t gift the premium currency (their equivalent of gems).
This is consistent with what I understand of other online games.

That is incorrect.  You can gift Gold (the premium currency) daily.  But there is a hard cap/limit each day so it doesn’t get out of hand.  It is 10 gold per day (scale of currency value is different there, less gets more).  This is total, not per player, and there is a “fee” or tax of 2 gold.  So it costs 12 gold to send 10.

What are Empire points then? Everything I read about the game says that empire points are the premium currency. 

No idea.  There is nothing in the game referring to Empire Points in the current version that I play. 

I just googled it and found a Wikipedia article about them.  It appears there was a previous iteration of the game, as a flash game, that had those points, but that was taken down, then the current version (which I play) was released.