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I have 2 questions concerning conquest mode after the update of this game to version 4.1.

  1. What are tiles with only “!!”?

  2. What are tiles with blue flag and “!!”?

Is the new wait time for the Ninja Event permanent? Will we have to wait a month and a half for every Ninja Event?

Please give details and tell if there will be any modifications to the Ninja Event structure from now on.

PC - Windows Version

Is it possible for you developers to add the king’s move option with the keyboard on Windows version?

Since we can not enjoy various things present in the android and iOS versions, I wish I could use all the strength of my keyboard. After all, this is a computer version, and messing around with that mouse that " disappears " from the screen is very complicated.

I’m talking about the movement with the keys in the following image:

Maybe some person don’t think about those question so I will ask myself. you can choose the one you like

1.Why RR2 still have bugs not fixed and why since over 1-2 years? Why you cannot fix it? by example : Meadow Highlands big hole on the ground,Gargoyle tower when destroy you see lava in the air,Granny when you reroll 5 or 6 times in a row you see a grey square and if you click on it the game freeze and crash. And many more the list is long. If we search carefully we can see old bug since day 1

2.Why your testing guys at Flare don’t know how to test a video game? Where come from the lack of knowledge? I means why the game suffer always from nerf who make units,spells or others stuffs useless? why RR2 suffer of unbalance?

ok maybe the problem is elsewhere?

3.Flare can you calculate 1+1? its maybe the main cause of all of this?

ok I have other question else don’t worries

4.What you gonna do about gold issue?

5.What you gonna do about this worst trophy system?

6.What you gonna do about the unbalance of all of this boost? Elite,War,Special,Conquest and Pro

for now seem ok just them. Will see later

Why some get chest for ads every 4 hours, but some every 2 hours?

For the conquest how are the teams matched up. In the current season my alliance is ranked 245 and we are matched up with alliance that is ranked 46.


so curious how do you guys match the alliance up?

Hi. My.question is why cant i upgrade watch tower in Conquest? Upgrade arrow is gray.


Not enough stone maybe?

Or no worker free.

I foresee this being shut down as it seems to be turning into a complaint thread. 


Good Morning. This thread is heavily monitored. Everything going off-topic will be deleted. There are more than 4 threads open about conquest, please write in them.

Why war skulls on Chamber of Fortune still exist, and are even being added to new modes, after so many complaints for them to be removed?
And how can you think it’s OK to let players increase their score by directly paying for it??

Why can’t we have a decent return of gems from our defenses?
There’s only 2 reasons why we upgrade our defenses: defeat the attacker and win some trophies or force them to use gems to win so we can get some gems. Only 1 of those is making all the effort on upgrades worth it. The current ratio of gems spent by attacker and gems earned by the defender is ridiculous.

What’s the reason for the price of Nemesis pal? Nothing about Nemesis justifies it costing 6 to 10x more than other pro-pals!

After last Festival many players were finally able to complete their pal collection (thank you very much!). But now for those players there’s no excitement of getting something new when opening pal chests anymore. When can we expect to see new pals in the game? How many do you have in development currently?

Arrow Towers: why they have been forgotten, neglected, and limited to only being somewhat useful during specific war seasons?

Is there ever gonna be a discount event for the buildings on Stronghold? Like we have for everything else that costs gems in the game.

Why can’t we have some type of calendar for in-game events? So we can start managing our upgrades to not have stuff benefited by that event on cooldown during the entire duration of it. Currently, guess I can say I benefit from less than 75% of all surprise events because my stuff is always on cooldown

Hi dear Warriornator :grinning:

I know sorry for 1,2 and 3 that was tempting my bad and I know no chance to be choosen too. Just when you have see how RR2 looking at the start in 2014 and what Flare have do over time with all the nerf and unbalance. You just question why they act and do those change who have no sense so after over 3 years the majority of players questioning why they do that? in 2014 the game was balanced and no nerf until 2017. All the bad stuffs started to appear with Toxic Cloud nerf and after the wrong cycle have continue from Flare. Each time a good spells work they nerf it when everyone have forge it. the same thing for a unit or a pal. They wait everyone have forge them over time to scrap something

So I wanted to know the reason behind all of this? if possible and how they do test?

Anyway I don’t expect they answer this. So maybe 4,5,6 then…   

Has there been consideration for rebalancing the crown formula now that offense is much harder than defense?

For example, my base (which has traditionally not been particularly strong) has only been defeated (99%-100%) a few times since 4.0 and only by much higher level players. I lost about 500 crowns trying to find combinations that worked for offense, and the only way to earn them back at this point is to not attack and let my defense earn me crowns.

What percentage of the time does the dev team feel an average player should be able to beat a comparable level base at this point? And will the team reconsider the risk-reward of offensive battles when it comes to gold and crowns earned? After all, the players certainly have more fun in the game when attacking rather than logging off to be attacked.


Hi, this is first quoted here and is as above Why can’t we have a decent return of gems from our defenses?
There are only 2 reasons why we upgrade our defenses: defeat the attacker and win some trophies or force them to use gems to win so we can get some gems. making all the effort on upgrades worth it. The current ratio of gems spent by attacker and gems earned by the defender is ridiculous

I downloaded this game I spent time and money to develop my base forging and stuff, when I’m attacked or when I attack a player i see the cost for using scrolls to revive my king once twice and so on, so why do flaegames get most of that when i’m the one doing the work here i think it’s about time flaergames stop being greedy and start spreding the joy here. Flere you know that the players in this game love it ,  so start being fear with this game , you’ll deffently make your monyes and gain new players because as the players will be welling to premote this game to friends and family because of how good and fear it is and not just a cash cow that it has been


PS: I like the forums that players leave there  question here for (FLAERGAMES TO ANSWER) what i don’t like is a player who feels that the right to answer all isolated the person leaving there  question here, please don’t you don’t work for flaer so please don’t feel that you have the right to answer, that is trolling, so if you are not a troll don’t. keep it to yourself it’s always the same people doing it you know who you are!

Hi all devs,

I have some questions

  1. As asked earlier, is there any plan to implement monthly or quarterly balance changes to game. ( I think it will be fun and challenging and welcomed by all )

  2. Recently mobile games saw a new genere i.e. battle Royale…and people are going crazy for that. What is flare doing to keep existing players and attracting new players.

  3. What took you so long to hire madlen…look she has already made the difference.

  4. After 4.0 we need more gems to max up all…even I have to wait…so much…what about for a player who joined just now…how will and can he upgrade AT , 3 conquest building , destroy ruins , unlock spell and troop slots , buy worker, unlock BS slots… above all he has to take some revives in imp wars which he can’t avoid but if does his life on RR2 will be uncertain as no allinace will take him.

Any gem tower( building)  for that (we already have one but 1 gem daily does nothing )

  1. We played years seeing players making records on leagues and getting good amount of gems. In that time I had no way to do record as I was low level (32-34 medals per raid in mid level kindly change that) but now when I am good enough to make records you make the gem reward to half 


  1. Long time back gem donation to allinace changed to 900 gems resulting 8M directly. That time the highest reg donation was also 1M. But now  reg donation is 1.5M max. So it’s not worth it. If any player doing donation by skipping 9 cool down now it’s like 11M . Plz improve the gem donation button in a way that it matches to 9 or 10 skips.


Most imp… going to address this? 

  1. What about a cap feature for min requirements of an allinace? Like I want to set min king level 80 with trophy 3100 and min donation 500k. I can’t delete loads of requests from players with donation 1k , 2k , 5k

This for now :slight_smile:

Can we please just enhance the regular wars?

Do the developers feel that the amount of time players are required to be online for conquest is healthy?

I have seen many others and myself talk about migraines, fatigue, trying to login from work, etc.

Do you believe that this creates a healthy atmosphere for the people playing your game?

Many of us have invested a lot of time building our players and teams. So we feel obligated to participate in conquest mode.

I think some serious thought should be given to the question, is this 8 day affair really good for flare or their players?

Is checking the game from work really good? Is it healthy for leaders and generals to be online so much that they are having headaches and other physical issues? 

I would like to hear how the developers feel about this? Would also like to know if they have actually tried playing it competitively for this many days? If so, did they find it enjoyable?


Hi, what are the main factors that determine your opponents in Conquest?

We are winning, but we don’t want to score too many points because we think that the higher points we score, the harder the opponents in next Conquest. So we are trying to stay around 150 points (for max rewards), but this makes for annoying Conquest since it feels like we cannot play it properly due to a negative impact on future Conquest Matchmaking if we score too many points.


We could have around 400 points by now, but we are holding fast at 170…makes the Conquest gameplay very awkward :slightly_frowning_face: