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Is there a plan to improve the matchmaking algorithm for conquest? If so, how will it work?

whats the goal of players once they reached hero lvl 130?

is flare intending of increasing hero levels?

About Conquest troops. How r troops reducing after fight. We performed an atack and won by SV. But just after it end i checked troops of participating members. Some players lost part of their troops, some did’t. Mayby some simple example please :slight_smile:

Can we get maybe very simple calculation ‘how to get SV’? Describing tower’s and terain def parameter, players on tower, troops on tower VS some atacking players with troops as a parameter. Or mayby something like that. PLEASE :slight_smile:

A very simple question. Conquest rewards, do we get them for reaching a conquest score, or do we need to keep the conquest score till the end to get that reward. 

I will give a very simple example. My team managed to score 150 conquest points in layer 200. 

Now one team upgrades their watchtower and takes away a special tile from us, plus a few tiles. We drop below 150. Do we get the 150 reward (for just reaching that once during this conquest) or not, if we don’t build new towers and end with lower score than 150?

When the answer is that we get the rewards, even when our end score is lower than 150, it makes no sense to play on for us any longer and protect our score. The other 3 teams are way stronger and are able to crush us whenever they want. So in that situation we would benefit more from giving up our claimed land, if we still get those rewards. 

Hello, wow these are already many questions. ? .We have enough questions now for the first session. I will lock this now. About end of the month we will post the answers to a selection of questions.

Thanks everyone for participating.

Sad that your question didn’t make it to the list yet? No worries, next month there will be another session :slight_smile: