Sergeant rank

Rather than expand the number of alliance members who can build watch towers I would like to see a way of restricting so that not all generals have that authority. 

It’s already in the game. It’s called “soldier”. Just demote those you want to restrict to soldiers.

I agree this is a better way.

Only very less percentage of the generals are upto date with frequent changes in conquest.

Check the number of changes in 4.2.I am not even able to remember 3 out of 50 changes mentioned there and i frequently go through these forums.

There are plenty of changes coming every month for Conquest.

The guy who was leading the team for the first conquest was dumbfounded during 2nd conquest as he didnt know the changes that happened(cant blame him as changes came 2 days b4 conquest).Somebody should always know these changes,which is also frustrating btw.

How many generals in your alliance know how to play conquest clearly and how many can you demote.

You can’t just demote players.Too much drama.


Still not possible to appoint sergeants?

Hi there,

About the sergeant rank: Yes, this will be activated once everybody is being forced to use the new version, which will happen before the new Conquest. I am sorry, I was not aware of that, I should have communicated it better! Sorry again!

I think that instead of adding new rank, you just need to allow all players to add troops to themselves.?

Sergeant? Why not Captain? Sounds better, for example: Captain Marvel ?

The sargeant rank is now in the game and I’m surprised to see that Generals can promote Sargeants.

Is this intended?


Personally I think it would be better that only Leaders could promote players to Sargeants/Generals. Right now Generals can also promote Sargeants completely anonymously , which is not right.

I’m not opposed to giving Generals more power, but I don’t think the the anonimity aspect of it is positive.

Sugestion: at least make it obvious in the alliance news feed which general promoted the new Sargeant.

Instead of “player A was promoted to Sargeant” the text could be “player A was promoted to Sargeant by player B”, or “player B promoted player A to Sargeant”.



How to promote sergeants?


Not in conquest mode, but going back to the main screen of your castle & then the member list from the alliance emblem.

Maybe the soldier I wanna promote as sergeant hasn’t updated his rr2 version yet.


Leaders can’t promote to sergeant, only generals can do that

Both leaders and generals can appoint sergeant.
You can be promoted in the order of Infantry → Sergeant → General → Leader.

And loose old vets with good throphie and gold donation stats offended with the demotion. It should be another way.

I agree…when a good high level player is demoted,he/she feels offended but demoted for a reason!

General is a great responsibility…

This was the biggest joy of my life since i joined the game:

I understand that they would be upset, but as a leader you have to make choices that are in the best interest of your team. If they a fee not doing they’re duty then they dont deserve to be a general. If they feel offended dont cater to them, that is their problem if they do get offended. A good general will always let the leader know when he won’t be able to participate. If a general doesnt do his duty and support the team whenever he can, then he doesn’t deserve to be one

The game just needs a different set of ranks for Conquest.  The skills needed by Generals and Sergeants have very little to do with what they do the other 3 weeks of the month when conquest isn’t running.  Have a promotion system for the Alliance to acknowledge dedicated members, then have a separate system for Conquest.