Serious Bug in Conquest!!!!!


Hello Flare. There is a serious bug in the conquest event. My alliance (level 47) is against an alliance of level 80. It is impossible to play like that !! can you do something? We are not the only ones with this problem. And nobody has yet been answered


ing: 13thMalkav


Well, we also face a level 62,64 plus 80 alliance as level 56. Although some of us still manage to beat their players, majority only tickles them (less than 100 skulls) so in many to many wars we will lose.

Having said that, we give the strongest room and now they start to fight the level 64 team, we can do serious revenge against level 64 team, since they are needing members at those fronts. Also there very strong players, but I moved to help there and just beated them where it hurts. They are fortunate energy is low, otherwise on another front we would crush them.

the match making is a serious problem of course. We have nothing left no more troops,no resources and we are surrending by 2 alliance. I guess soon its gonna be over for us Knight who say Ni. Alliance too much stronger with level 100-118 full boosted. My little level 84 cannot do anything lol. So I hope for the 3rd one the matchmaking will be more fair

Yet they still cannot fix the match making in regular wars… and conquest is even worse, plus conquest mode is horrible to begin with…

Greetings! I want to join my friends in misfortune! It is absolutely impossible to play this Donkey War! How can you resist alliances for which you are like an ant?  You have to spend thousands of crystals to somehow resist this! I understand that you need it! In our field, the Top alliance is Japan Team X. Well, let them be limited to winning a full list of awards. But they now have a sporting interest - to take the whole field! And to resist their invasion, no one in our field is able to! In general, if the situation does not change with the balance of the participating alliances, we will agree with other alliances - NOT TO PARTICIPATE IN THE NEXT DONKEY WAR! Let the Top Alliance walk and capture anything, there will be no resistance!

Gee I wonder who won…??