Serious forging bug

Recently it sometimes happens that when I try to forge an item, instead of the forging progressing normally, it immediately becomes “frozen” once begun. For as long as this state continues, the forging can’t be completed, and the item also doesn’t appear in the forging list. Despite the progress bar showing as empty, it displays the option to “Finish for free”, but hitting the button disconnects and restarts the game.

I can’t really say what causes this to happen. It doesn’t always take place, only affecting some of the items I begin forging. Sometimes I can start several items in a row normally, then one item bugs out. Sometimes every item I begin forging is bugged. It affects items of all rarities and different star counts.

So far none of the items have been permanently bugged, and have eventually returned to normal, so I have been able to finish forging them and forge them again where relevant. Sometimes the bug repeats on the same item, sometimes not. I haven’t been able to figure out what makes them come out of the bugged state. It doesn’t seem to be tied to the forging time, for example the blue boots shown in the pictures below have been bugged since at least yesterday.

At the start this bug only occurred very occasionally, but in the past few days it’s been happening a great deal and is posing a big problem for my forging.

I’m playing on version 5.2.2 on Android, using a Samsung Galaxy S8+ and Android 9.

My account name is Triarius.

Here is an example of a bugged item. Note the lack of progress bar. The “Finish for free” option is shown as soon as the forging is begun.

Note that the boots don’t appear in the forge menu. Only the other pair, which is working normally, is shown.

And here’s what happens when I hit the “Finish for free” button:

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I’ve been experiencing same problem when I hit Finish for Free, it freezes and eventually the game crashes. I’m Android and play on Samsung Galaxy S9.

Guys report this to help desk.They will give you compensation for this.
One of my teammate also facing same problem ,he contacted help desk and got gems in compensation.
Use this link.

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Cheers, gems are always welcome of course. Last time I had an issue I got jack though, and the support guy was no help at all. They just gave me a boilerplate response with no relevance to the actual problem.

Update: I managed to debug my frozen items. I seemed that the items being “released” might have been happening in some kind of interaction with other items being forged, so I just kept forging all the items I could forge until they were done, and gradually the bugged items also became accessible. This is just a guess, but the bug may in some way result from having a large amount of items active in the forge list.

thx. i do habe 37 active or kept as a reminder in the forge list :thinking:

Thanks to all who have brought this issue to us. We are looking into it. It would be helpful if those who are currently experiencing the issue could post their ingame name and a pic of an item which has the problem.