Server Disconnection Thread! POST HERE.

Can’t get past the loading screen… More people having issues?

I am too, not connected game

Also me… about 45 minutes I haven’t connections in game


Yes, same here.

Was just about to create a post to ask the same.

Keep getting this over and over again:

My internet is perfectly fine though:


PS: Are we back to that hateful weekend where we couldn’t land a single hit on War Season?  :slightly_frowning_face:

SAME problem and this also by different internet applications

Same here, looks like flare is having server problems again.

Good thing it’s 1 'o clock at night in Germany and weekend, things will be fixed in no time ?


I just realized something…

They didn’t want to give us the “Boost your offense” event so much…

That they only saw one solution…


Turning the servers off 

Same here in Austria. 

ya me too. Can’t establish connection.


Sorry everyone. Phoebe has chewed through the wires again and she peed on the carpet. Man what a mess that was.



Wires are all fixed now…carry on.

I just managed to login

Should I throw a flare:wink:

Next we’ll have the thread about being in an attack when server went down in 3…2…1…

Forget it, the server is still diving in the mud.

If you click to attack, see chat, whatever that requires loading?

"Connection lost"

Both my laptop (it has ethernet connection) both my smartphone (it has 4g connection) have that problem. At least I finished my battles in war before midnight (my alliance is fighting in 3 different fiefdoms).

It would be the worst bug ever. Maybe version 4 will never come.

In addition, I have disconnections since the week-end of the previous week on my smartphone.



Holy Shoot, man! Our internet literally moves at 40 on both of those, it’s so freakin’ slow lol

Let me fix that for you:

“my alliance  was  fighting (…)”

Because I doubt we’ll be fighting anything good this weekend.

Now where have I already seen this happen…?

Sounds like a déjà vu indeed. 

Have a great weekend buddies!
Because I guess I’ll be playing another thing to have some fun  :slight_smile:

My internet used to be 10 Mbps, so I totally get the feeling.

If you’re using wireless, try connecting your PC directly to the router via an ethernet cable.

It will get a lot faster, trust me.

The same