Server Disconnection Thread! POST HERE.

It’s OK for me!?

Can you guys confirm it’s working fine now? 

Many thanks, 


Clicked several times on the button, works fine now.

Good job @GalaMorgane, fastest hotfix ever!  :wink:

yes, did a serie of raids, matchmaking a lot and seems is fine. Thanks.


i cant raid, the game disconnect when i choose a player

Disconnect again  when I choose manually a player not with matchmaking 

No disconnects here… cause I can’t connect at all since an hour.

when i choose a player the game appear like the picture and then i discconect, window 10

cant play.jpg

Same here. Game doesn’t connect.

i hate when this happend, i cant play! the game keep discconecting

Yesterday everything was fine. Now again, permanent disconnections … Throws out of the game after pressing any button for which you need to make a request to the server…Information about the player, search, attack …?

again disconnect whats going on every time after server maintenance problems occurring. preform tests after maintenance then get the server online again.

Disconnection started

Hello folks, 

Ok thanks for the feedback. I’ve let the Devs know. They are on it. 

Many thanks, 


great, with all the disconnects, how sould it be possible to play ninja in top tier???

impossible with all trophies deductions because of disconnects!!!

The game seems ok again, after a few runs on the matchmaker.

Still disconneted. Lasts for at least 1week already.

disconnects when i do raids, and then connects. But this is wrong…there can’t be this situation.

Still disconnects and the please wait reconnecting message while playing ninjas . Will it ever get fixed ???


Trying to do my ninja before I sleep, then i got LOST CONNECTION. WTF is going on!
Weekly severe server disrupt? Upgrade your servers!