Server is down or not responding

No way to connect to your server. Now it is more than 2 hours that we (sleeping lion ally) are experiencing this issue.

Wake up Flare! I have to complete pro lg and collect crowns for daily festival. And I’m not the only one.



Yeah, @michel17 (also from sleeping lion) reported this problem as well. If you could put what platform you guys are playing on that would help, because I am not experiencing this issue. I play on Windows 10 PC. If you guys are playing on mobile devices, then it’s possibly just a problem and those platforms. Anyway, I hope this gets fixed soon

I am having same issue  Leader of Gods of Destiny  IGN: Dena Ann


Same problem here! I run the app on Adroid phone.

It keeps “connecting…” forever until a small window appears that says “check your internet connection”.

I checked other apps and browser, its not an internet problem, tried wi-fi and mobile data too.

Hope this help to solve this.

IGN: Cidolfas Orlandeau

we are using windows phone windows 10 androids and ios so it is all the platforms , still we can’t log in what so ever if it was just 1 player it would have been a real connection problem on our part but our connections is working perfectly IGN all sleeping lion players 

ur connection is fine the proof is u can post here lol so it is a serveur end problem from FLARE 

Still have the problem on Android & Ios more than 4hrs

Ign: Elbasha3 

i am playing on windows 10 , and all sleeping lion alliance members are experiencing this issue so please give us a reason and solution 

ign : michel anjello

Same / similar for me: game connects, castle screen comes up but after exactly 30 seconds it goes black and game needs to reconnect. During the 30 seconds in game I can’t open any chests or open any menus which require server connection (data update icons keeps runnning). Chat screen shows no player names on the right (empty player list) and my own messages only appear in chat box after reconnect.

Looks like I did receive the rewards from the ninja event but just ‘lost’ a Alliance subscription chest (tried to open it).


IGN: Whatever…

I get disconnected every 30 seconds and everytime I try to attack someone  ?

I am experiencing this same issue - “Unable to establish a connection.” It then cycles through attempting to login. I have been down for at least three hours. Windows 10. 

Same problem, lost a lot of chests now. 

My ign Ajaxwil

Same problem here. can’t connect on android phone or windows 10.

IGN: lilrascal

Bye bye pro lg, bye bye mass hysteria lvl4, bye bye chests, bye bye daily festival, bye bye diamond lg.

i hope to wake up tomorrow  morning and realise it was just a bad dream.


Hey,  Flare, what the h*** is going on with your Server??? I can not conect to the game for hours,  and my internet is ok. I also have to finish pro league and I want to get my ninjas rewards. FIX IT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, OR I CANT FINISH PRO LEAGUE!!

You guys love to propose we spend our money on this game, but do you do it with us??? 


ING: Bellatrix Estrela

I play in  Samsung J7

Still can’t connect with Windows 10. They are going to owe us a good chunk of gems!   

I also, am having the same unable to connect to internet message.  It’s been all day. 

I go by DadML, I have not been able to connect off and on for the last 5.5 hours. I have tried with both Windows 10 and Windows 8.1 Surface. 

me too


event time and chests are disappearing while I am stuck out of the game.