Server maintenance changes no longer here

Don’t be suprised guys if you don’t notice any change to your Bladestorm range or Froster’s blunt resistance, all changes they made today now seem to be gone for whatever reason :slight_smile:


By clicked on Edit, you can Edit the whole topic. :grinning:

At first the range of baldestrom was changed but the game was disconnected and after sometimes when I entered the game range of baldestrom was same before and no change effect .? What happened to flare ?

…or maybe this is part of the changes? :wink:


Very respectful Archimedes

Thank you for the explanation. As they say: “sh*t happens!”

???not so often, or they need say- something normal will happen one day 

They are so cool by saying sorry for the inconvenience.

I lost my diamond league because I could not fight my last 30 minutes.

FG has to give me my 175 gems… 

Thanks for the new boosts flare! Can’t wait to find out what ‘prolandmine’ does.


Oh wait, it’s a server error. You disappoint me. 

I’d guess landmine is the asset name they use for the Jester’s Box in their code.