Server maintenance - Ninja's gone

After today’s servermaintenance all ninja’s are gone… all users complaining

Yep i lost all my 5 Ninjas!

Will check it out, thanks for the heads-up.

I did not even realize my ninjas has gone AWOL. Did 3 battles before I noticed this message and had to look two times to believe. No wander those battles were so hard.

(Wonder what else disappeared?)

Today we had a short maintenance to bugger up your ninjas and annoy you.


yep my 5ninjas are also gone…

Today we had a short maintenance to see who will realize first that the ninjas are gone and to be awarded 500 gems.

There is also a 1500 gem reward for the player who can discover what else disappeared!

Where have the ninjas been ??

The team is on it, we will keep you updated.


Find out who is who 

FG Vs Players

At such moments I wonder what Edward would write down. I miss his comments. He will be back soon from his trip.

Funny reply An. I expect a server maintenance soon.

Yes, really miss him. He will surely come back recharged with new songs and ideas.

Good thing I donr have a bloody ninja

The Villain was jealous of us. So he stole all ninjas.

Maybe gem reimbursement is on the way.  t2824.gif


Every time something happens … :frowning:

I propose: STOP to promotions, updates, new game features …

so the flaregame work less … and players do not go crazy to follow maintenance, bugs, crashes, talk to support, gems reimbursement, updates to download, problems, things that disappear, videos that do not work, read the forum … .

Lol, at start I did not even realise it. That shows how irrelevant they were on offense.

I concentrate on making ice dragons, not shielding and micro-managing ninjas.

Ninja’s are autonomous workers, they don’t need your micro management style of leading.  Let them be free to express their individuality and you might be surprised with their productivity. 

I agree. They work best when ignored.