Server Maintenance

This is the 3rd straight day with a server break, why does this keep happening, get your head on straight flare, it’s really annoying

It seems hard to test software. This time no pro boosts. The developers aren’t the one to blame, it’s the manager his responsibility.


Everything that goes wrong is allways the fault of management.

Think about it:

  • Badly written code is “management” pushing developers to get a product on the market before it was thoroughly tested
  • Management failed to get the correct developers
  • Management failed to motivate developers properly
  • Management failed to keep developers knowledgeable by denying them the courses/time needed to keep up-to-date with current technology
  • Management failed to understand / recognise developers concerns when it came to the development of a product
  • Management failed to understand the products limitations and therefor after it was sold to a third party developers had to rewrite code to tailor the product to the specs of this third party
  • The list goes on and on