Server Maintenance?

Can’t connect to the game right now saying there’s a maintenance break, changing the pal event already? :wink:  

Now it’s not connecting.

And now another one coming in 3 and a half minutes.

Yeh its under maint :slight_smile: enance 

Indeed, two maintence breaks within a couple of minutes, could do exactly one raid and there once again is the maintenance break information.

what the hell? they didn’t even announced nothing bout it…

which means it’s unplanned due to an unexpected issue they’ve found…


Their priority is fixing the issue, then they’ll notify about it (as obviously you can’t notify people about an unplanned problem).

I agree, only that it has been going on for a long time, and we players have no idea what is really happening.

I would be happy if the managers would let us know what was going on, don’t you think?

That’s usually because the people working on it don’t know what’s going on, if they did, it would be fixed and not happening.