Server Problem: Game Data Loss

:sob::sob::sob: Happens Every Ninja Event At least once… Not only ninjas, even during war, I lose connection with server when i am in middle of raiding base even when my internet is working completely fine…Sometimes, My Screen shows 3 crowns of 100% victory and the next thing i know " Please Wait… Reconnecting…", and it never really reconnects…

What I suggest is that RR2 introduce a new feature where our progress gets saved temporarily for a short time period in our device as a cookie… When we are raiding bases, if connection is lost, temporary data is saved and when it reconnects, our previous data record is read by the game to give us the results… For pros, cheaters can use this as a technique to cheat, but for normal raiding, we can at least do this, can’t we? Save Data Temporarily for about 12 hours only when connection is lost during raid process… it’s doesn’t have to be hard, does it?

If I didnt make myself clear, ask which part you didnt understand, and i’ll try my best to explain this… But it’s a vital flaw in the game, as it is server’s fault, not my connection’s…

I do agree,it would be good…
just like rr1(not 2) saves war to be continued later when entering game again…

i was thinking it would cause an imbalance in the server ; what if the player comes online
otherwise they could use the same technique as alliance wars… :slight_smile:


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When you say, for war, what if player comes online? I dont quite understand that… You can attack even when player is online during war and conquest…

I agree that something should be done to fix this issue as it has happened to more than one person in my alliance. We complain to each other frequently, since as of today there isn’t much we can do to remedy the situation. We lose our crowns during ninja, and lose our crowns/skulls during war seasons. Please find a way to fix the “lost connection” issue so we no longer lose out when the issue is with the servers.


Hi @GrimScythe2001,
Thanks for the idea. :blush:
I have talked to the devs and our goal is to fix those issues preferably!
Could all of the people commenting in the topic and saying you are experiencing the same issue please open a ticket in the bug section #royal-revolt-2-feedback:bugs-technical-problems. If you go through the topic template in the bug section (it will be asked once you open a topic there) and additionally provide crash logs if there are any, this will help tremendously to look into the issues and try to reproduce them. I am sorry you are experiencing this and hope the bug reports can help us to look into it more.
Thank you.

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Closing this so that the votes used on this idea can be used for other ideas again.
Users with this issue -> please help us by submitting bug tickets in #royal-revolt-2-feedback:bugs-technical-problems and following the instructions in the topic template (best are crash logs as well if there are any)
Thank you!