Server problems


Hi…what happens? I was unable to enter in game…as well as my alliance…many of us were attacking…

Ign: ambra8


Can not read the message (friends…alliance) … when I press on it i.m disconnected immediately form the game


Same here.



Same with me.  Anytime I click on leaderboard or attack it disconnects me.  Is showing all my favorites as inactive.  Had issues with chat as well.


Same! When consulting friend message logs out, and now can not connet to the game anymore :slightly_frowning_face:



Samen here. Hope my chests are still there… 


I confirm! All of the above errors occur with me. It is impossible to play.


I just can’t login (Android)…



I didn’t manage to fight todays War battles yet…

Just when we were having one of our most decisive battles, to know who is gonna win the War  :slightly_frowning_face:


@Madlen lots of disconnecting issues now (raids, pro league, searches, messages, just about any action).  can you please escalate?

#11 in cof war 20 minutes ago and not Possible .to.login back since then…


In 15 minutes it’s midnight in Germany, I’m just saying it may take a while before anything is done.


They’ll only fix this tomorrow.

There goes some extra chests…


Can log back now but still /friend message logs out …


Same here, disconnect every time. 


I weren’t able to connect for the last 30mins, I can connect now but got disconnected when I try to open the first dialogue to donate insta-troops.


I guess they have server issues again. The timing is great mid-war ?


This happening during war and shortly before PL ends is very unfortunate.

Being the good and supercool persons they are, I am sure Flare will compensate us in a memorable and very generous way so we will tell our kids about it. AHihihi! ?


There goes the gold for champions that can’t do their raids, there goes the chests players could earn, there goes maybe first place in war, there goes pro score for ones that didn’t finish yet


I was about to say the game was now stable, since i managed to fight 1 war battle just now.

But nope, just got disconnected.