Server Slow Down

It’s happening, server slow down. Other game works fine, my broadband speed looks normal, but not RR2.
No server maintenance performed yet? FG staff still on vacation?

Sadly not just slowdown. Freeze,crash and disconnection. A pain to play this game now. I enjoy less to play. So I play only some time now until they will fix this game for good

Not only that, it keeps disconnecting and reconnecting several times during a raid!

I was just doing my PL now and it disconnected five times (yes 5!!!) and reconnected again.
Every single one of those times it took a while to reconnect.

When it finally came back I had lost all my momentum and thinking process and had to figure it out what I was doing and what my next move would be, therefore I lost at least a second in each of those times. Seconds that cost me deeply because during Level VII (in which I failed my first try to get 100% in all honesty) I ran out of time when the gate life was just a tiny bit left, not even the length of my little finger.

Not to mention that on Level X the same problem happened again, but on this level it was “only” twice that happened…

All the while my internet connection was perfectly fine with several phones, other computers and tv, all working fine.

It appears that their server maintenance was nothing but a joke.
There is not a single event (Ninja Event, Pro League, War Season)  that goes smoothly and problem/bug/glitch free anymore. What a shame

Yeah there was a server maintenance (my friend said), but till now I’m still getting a slow connection game, even logging in game takes much more time ?