Server Update 03.03.2015

Hey everyone,


The servers just came back up.


Here’s what changed:



  • We fixed an issue that caused the Blazing Knights to be weaker in V1.7.0 as they were before.
    • We had fixed a bug in the balancing for V1.7.0. The bug had produced a lot of extra damage for the First Blazing knight that would set something on fire. This was the reason why Blazing Knights were extremely powerful, even in low numbers. You basically just needed 1 knight to bring down a boosted barricade. On the downside 5 Blazing Knights were not much more powerful than 1-2.
    • We did not want to re-integrated the bug, so our main goal was to rebalance the Blazing Knight in a way that they have similar strength as before if spawned in bigger numbers, especially under real-game conditions (while beeing attacked, feared, slowed).
    • Our testcases showed the following:

Simple tests:

How long does it take 2 max level Blazing Knights to destroy 1 max level Boosted Barricade: V1.6.0 balancing ~ 2,5 seconds V1.7.0 balancing ~ 9,5 seconds


New V1.7.0 balancing ~ 4 seconds


How long does it take 6 max level Blazing Knights to destroy 1 max level Boosted Barricade: V1.6.0 balancing ~ 2,1 seconds V1.7.0 balancing ~ 5,05 seconds

New V1.7.0 balancing ~ 2,2 seconds

More complex tests:

How long does it take does it take 10 max level Blazing Knights to destroy 1 max level Boosted Barricade while beeing attacked by a max level Firebolt Tower: V1.6.0 balancing ~ 1,95 seconds V1.7.0 balancing ~ 5,7 seconds

New V1.7.0 balancing ~ 2,0 seconds

How long does it take 10 max level Blazing Knights to destroy 1 max level Boosted Barricade while beeing attacked by a max level Firebolt Tower, a max level Froster and a max level Raging Wolf: V1.6.0 balancing ~ 8,95 seconds V1.7.0 balancing ~ 11,1 seconds

New V1.7.0 balancing ~ 7,9 seconds

Awesome. That explains.

Heya! This is the kind of detailed information we like on updates. Thankyou Jona for your comprehensive post!

Thank you for the above and for trying to sort it Jona, though to be honest they are now redundant, even with the fix they are still a non useful unit compared to before, the overpowered archers are the only solution to barricades it seems, knight cannot cope with monsters anymore.

Do you guys tested it with monster and tower ? V1.6.0 has stronger effect on tower and monster, now i think the same as 1.7.0


As you can see above they are now significantly stronger in larger groups. I don’t understand how that makes them more redundant than before. If anything, it should make them more useful, not less.

He is talking bout blazing knight VS monster + tower not as effective as in 1.6.0

I think it’s a good compromise for all !  :grinning:

Knights cannot get past monsters anymore, not enough effect, so even if they are stronger against barricades you cant get them to one to kill it.

A quote from the other thread:


I tested some minutes ago, and they are good against barricades now, yes. Though, they are still a lot weaker than in 1.6 against anything else than barricades. And while they established as a counter unit for boosted-barricade-heavy bases, no base consists solely of a barricade. So if knights are weak against monsters and troops and other towers, they will most likely never even reach the barricade in sufficient numbers. If they deal low damage against other troops, especially high-hitpoints monsters that can’t effectively killed by most spells either, or towers, they usually end up fighting all of those before getting to a barricade. Assuming the king himself could jump over obstacles and run ahead, that would be fine, but as he obviously can’t, it is very hard or even impossible to keep all those (long-ranged) “distraction” away from the knights. Instead, most knights just get stuck and eventually killed while fighting with low efficiency, and you end up bringing down the barricades on your own.


Testing 10 knights vs 1 barricade is a bit of an ideal case… usually it takes several seconds to even reach barricade and line up properly - melee units hinder/block each other in large numbers, so even if you have 10 knights, not all will be able to attack barricade at once. There’s just a space vs range limit that caps the effective damage output. Even if you have 100 knights, the barricade won’t fall any quicker, as like 95% of the knights can’t even attack.


Making Knights too strong against Monsters AND Barricades quickly pushes them into “overpowered” territory. There are other troops in the game that deal with Monsters well.

Jona I agree, but now they are too weak against monsters, as they stand they wont get to a barricade to kill it, if you want OP just look at archers and battlecry! I know you have made an effort to adjust them back (although sadly we had to prove the problem by video to you first), but they still aren’t a viable option as they are now, its a shame as it gave even medium level players in a lower alliance a chance to get through barricades effectively.

Though, as relatively fast-walking melee units, the knights are the first of your troops to reach and fight the monsters. The knights can’t just run past those as the king can, so they get stuck there, getting killed.


And btw, the more knights are together in a group, the more damage is dealt to them by anything with area damage (e.g. frosters, pyromancers, mortars, gargoyles, ogres, bomb towers, snake towers, skull towers). And a high level skull tower can just annihilate a group of knights in like 2 seconds - even a group of knights that just runs behind the hero, as skull towers can fire across path overlap - mostly independent of the size of the group (ie.e. no matter whether 1 or 20 knights).

@Heroes, I don’t think they get it … no HL players means they look at paperwork, theory results not the practical, if they take notice of Jason too we are all stuffed.

I have been fighting with blazing knight since 1.6.0 on top 10 bases. They are powerful but not overpowered. They might come in huge army but they die altogether as well if skull tower hit them. The game meta shift from Snake tower to heavy to Skull tower heavy because of blazing knight. It is unlikely that ur king just stand on ur tent, keep spawning knight and then yeah they got to the gate and win , the end.


While this fix might favour lower level player who don’t fight bases with elite wolf ogre, but it is not much a useful fix for top bases raiding. Put it in this way, you dev try to use 1.6.0 knight to test on the current top 10 bases. If you can consistently win without scroll, then i would hv admitted they are “overpowered”. 

Very well said Shyong :slight_smile:


I will pass this feedback on. Thanks for summarizing it.

Bring back the old knights! They are not overpowered!

Btw, despite the current results not being completely satisfying yet, thanks for caring and trying, and especially for the detailed information report! :slight_smile: