Server update - 03/06/2016: Dominator Days!

Hello everyone,

Today we had a live server update.

It kicked off the Dominator Days event, which will be active until Monday.

Dominator Days Event:

  • Instant Dominance Bonus
  • For 100% Battle Result
  • +30% Dominance
  • Dominance Production
  • Increased production for each defended island
  • +30% Dominance over time
  • Gem Packages
  • Increased amount of bonus Dominance per package which includes Dominance
  • +30% Dominance
  • Vault & Chests
  • +30% Dominance

Balancing Changes:


  • Increased damage dealt by Pandora’s Box to the Trebuchet

Divine Blessings:

  • Increased HP of the Akhlys Spearman
  • Reduced HP of the Orthia Tower
  • Reduced by how much units are slowed when hit by the Orthia Tower
  • Reduced HP of the Chione Warrior
  • Increased damage dealt by the Chione Warrior
  • Reduced by how much units are slowed when hit by the Chione Warrior


  • Reduced the time required to upgrade units in the War Academy
  • Reduced Wisdom costs of upgrading Towers and Barricades
  • Increased Wisdom costs of upgrading Buildings
  • Increased the amount of Dominance produced by defended islands
  • Rebalanced production buildings so that they are full after 8 hours (exactly like the islands)
  • Reduced Gem costs of unlocking chests in the Vault of Hephaestus

Matchmaking & Trophies:

  • Players should no longer get opponents on their islands which have an extremely high level

Reworked Trophy system

  • Reduced the amount of Trophies lost when losing a battle very early / due to a disconnect
  • Winning battles against players with a higher Ascension Level grants more Trophies
  • Players lose much less Trophies when losing battles against players with a higher Ascension Level
  • Winning a battle with a result of 100% always grants at least 3 Trophies

Good luck in your journey, Olympians!

Your Olympus Rising Team