Server update 03.31.2015

Hey Everyone,


Todaya’s server update included various balance changes as well as new levels for buildings and  troops. You can find detailed information on all changes below.


We would like to point out that several of these changes were directly influenced by suggestions we received from the community. Your discussions have been a valuable source of feedback.


Please also keep in mind that these changes are in preparation for the upcoming Alliance Wars update that will arrive next month. 


Here’s what’s new in detail:



  • Increase Max. Levels: +5 Levels (New Max. Level: 55)
  • New max number of members: 60

Elite Boosts:


Added new levels to the following Elite Boosts:

  • At Alliance Level 51: Unlock Blazing Knight Level 9: +135% fire damage, +150% health
  • At Alliance Level 52: Unlock Holy Paladin Level 6: +30% Self heal, +90% health
  • At Alliance Level 53: Unlock Power Archer Level 7: +90% Blunt Damage, +130% health
  • At Alliance Level 54: Unlock Stunning Ogre Level 5: +100%Stun, +75% health
  • At Alliance Level 55: Raging Wolf Level 5: +100% Battle Cry, + 100% Health

Other Elite Boost Balance Changes:

Blazing Knights:

  • Are now more effective against Mummies and Werewolves (+30%)

Frost Trap:


  • Now has increased effect on the hero (+100%)
  • Cannot be slowed itself anymore




  • Knight: Added levels 11 + 12
  • Werewolf: Is not attacking traps anymore



The defensive strength of Monsters has been reduced slightly:

  • L5 Ogre: 10610 HP to 9210 HP
  • L4 Mummy: 9760 HP to 8780 HP
  • L3 Werewolf: 11030 HP to 10290 HP



Castle Gate:


  • Levels added: 14, 15, 16
  • Slightly reduced HP progression for all levels
  • Level 14: Grants 2 additional road tiles
  • Level 15: Grants 1 additional tower
  • Level 16: Grants 1 additional obstacle



  • Level 13 HP reduced: 12590 HP > 11130 HP
  • Level 14 HP added: 13080 HP



  • Reduced build time across all levels
  • Level 13 Hp increased: 7010 HP > 7830 HP
  • Level 14 added: 9300 HP

Firebolt Tower:

  • Level 1 Damage increased by 65%, Level 9 Damage reduced by 5%


Spells :

Sonic Blast:


  • Levels added: 7, 8
  • Level 7: Cooldown reduced to 14,5 sec
  • Level 8: Cooldown reduced to 14,0 sec
  • Reduced gold cost for levels 5: 7.500.000 gold to 6.000.000 gold
  • Reduced gold cost for levels 6: 10.000.000 gold to 8.000.000 gold




  • Levels added: 9, 10
  • Level 9: Cooldown reduced to 11,5 sec
  • Level 10: Cooldown reduced to 11,0 sec




  • Levels added: 10,11
  • Level 10: Cooldown reduced to 13,5 sec
  • Level 11: Cooldown reduced to 13,0 sec




  • Levels added: 16, 17, 18




  • Levels added: 12, 13, 14
  • New levels give only 2% increased damage but greater range!
  • Increased cooldown for the new levels
  • Level 11: Increased range from 2,45 to 3
  • Level 12: 3.5 Range
  • Level 13: 4.0 Range
  • Level 14: 4.5 Range


  • Level added: 12
  • Blizzard is now more effective against Werewolves (+16%)




  • Ruins are now 50% cheaper to remove
  • All spells are slightly more effective against the Castle Gate in general




  • Fixed a bug where level 13 Bomb Towers were not affected by the Bomb Tower Elite Boost

Wow!Alot of changes

Ok people, roll up our sleeves, we have to do a lot of things!


i like the idea of having less cool down time and longer range for higher level spell. Great Job.


Castle gate +2 path is good to gv more variety in base design. 


Monster hp reduced is good, since defensive wise they are way too strong. 


Seems to be an interesting update after so long boring time 

Awesome !!! So excited to upgrade those things and Alliance war is coming !!

wow this is great but also going to cost me a lot of gems! better get started!

Nice update! I like the spell changes, gets us a lot of things to upgrade over the next month and more!

But please, in the next update raise the farms and silo level(s) aswell :slight_smile:

Hi Jona,


Thanks for the big work you do !!! The game is so exciting


Anyway, one new problem for my alliance (my king’s name is Regis3 and aliance name is “France et Quebec Royaux”) : donations are impossible for now, clicking on the “make a donation” button makes the game to be reloaded/disconnection from the server


is this a bug following the maintenace version ? all the players of my alliance have this problem (different platforms like W8, android and iOS)

Please fix this, we cannot move forward without donations


Thanks in advance Jona !

I love it. Max Shield now has round about 4k hp - as I wish it in past. ^^ For this I spent lot of money to flare. Big thx!

can u post the stat of max shield?

Thanks Jona for the detailed update.


Too bad heal did not get any boost, now it is so under-powered Vs shield

I’ve got one question, with the new castle gate, did the attacktime change aswell? Or do we still have 2.40 m to beat a king with two more tilles, one more tough blockade and one more tower?

Cool 😎

In one word…awesome:-)

nerfed cannons tho please include info on that jona

also new updates kinda nerf Swordrain a bit as a useful spell


Attack times are calibrated using the path length. So my guess is that the new tiles also extend the attack duration. I will doublecheck though.

Lot’s of changes here, some favoring defense:

  • more castle gate levels ( +hp,  +2 tiles +1 tower + 1 barricade)
  • increased strength of frost trap  (+100% on hero + higher hp  - reduced building time)
  • more levels for barricades (+hp)

and some favoring attack.

  • more elite boosts
  • more spells upgrades
  • reduced monster defense hp
  • knights balancing & added levels

It takes a lot of time to test all this but i really hope the changes are favoring attackers and not defenders! The game was too defensive so far.

There was one point missing regarding damage scaling on the Firebolt Tower. We added it now.