Server Update 04/12/2014

Hey everyone,


Today’s server update is currently being implemented.


It includes the following change:


  • Improved Chamber of Fortune: Players should have more “luck” after gaining entry into the Chamber of Fortune.


Enjoy your early Christmas presents. :slight_smile:







Ho ho ho , Christmas presents . I wanna shake my belly like a bowl full of jelly :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Jona.



It’s very good. I get 70 gems and 400 bread one time.


Love it  :wink:

Wow, first battle - won ~400K Gold! Exciting!!!

It think you should correct the topic to 4/12/2014 :grinning:


Otherwise it’s not X-massy enough :wink:

do we have higher luckiness but lower rewards? or do rewards value stay the same? or get even higher?

you get luckier and higher rewards , first try I got 350 bread + 263k gold and 64 gems but not every time of course I got lower reward after that and missed a couple gems chest (63 gems + 65 gems)

Great update! I was surprised that I got chest with 68 gems.

hmm, the first 3 battles had been exciting but now it just seems like normal…

Jona add deputy head if the leader is afk.



Agree with desi…I’m happy because i got a lot of gems and tons of bread…but I never receive more than 50k gold (and before I received more…)


Oh, I’m happy, don’t misunderstand my words! But for Christmas I would wish…everything!!  :stuck_out_tongue:

I did get 300k twice already. So ist definetly buffed a A LOT!

This. Why pay more for roll?