Server Update 04.30.2015

Hey everyone,


Will have another server update tomorrow (04.30.2015) to get things ready for the next Alliance War Season that starts on Friday.


Here’s what will change:


  • Balancing the Skull-payout for higher level Kings. Based on their King’s level, players will now be able to earn more skulls than before
  • After a player has fought in a war for one Alliance, he can not win skulls for another Alliance for the next 30h

These changes are based on the feedback that we received from the community so far.


High level kings will now be able to win much more skulls. This will help motivate them to stay in their Alliance and actively fight instead of dropping out to protect their already earned Skullls.


“Mercenaries” will still be able to join and fight for other Alliances throughout a course of a War Season. We want to keep wars dynamic and recognize that player transfers make the War Season more exciting overall. However, in the interest of fairness, the 30 hour transfer window was implemented to make sure player changes have to be more thought out and strategical.


Please leave feedback and questions in the comments.




Jona for the flaregames team

I like the trasnsfer windows  :slight_smile:

Great! I Hope that the next update is: Gems as prize in Alliance War. Would make everything better. Thanks!

For now I like the changes! We will see how it works out, and if players find loopholes, but it seems more fair and balanced!

Good call with all the updates. I like the 30h thing, It wasnt the fact that ppl were switching per say, but more the fact that by timing their battles to get their skulls count for 3 different alliances in the same day.


Good fix

I think it’s great that Flare listens and adapts.  It is great to have a part in shaping how a game works!!!

Jona - Will there be a “cooldown display” for the people joining? Or will we have to do math?

how exactly is 30hr mechanism works ? Can you explain more?


Players can join different Alliances but they won’t be able to earn skulls for their new Alliance for 30 hours. This effectively means that they will not be able to participate in running Alliance Wars but they will be able to join the next one this Alliance starts.


Not sure actually. I will have to check.

Thanks Jona. As a follow up, does this mean that if I draft a player that is not currently in an alliance (therefore has not participated in a war yet, assuming he was not in one during the war season) the player will be able to immediately participate? It would seem this would work fine, because if they are not currently in an alliance but HAVE participated in a war, they would still have 30hour cooldown.

Jona , can you define High level king ? Lvl 90 above ? lvl 95 above ? lvl 100 above ?


There won’t be one for this season. But it will be added in the future.

Please add gems as a prize for the top 5-10 players in an alliance at least…


A lot of people don’t want to compete in the next war if there just gonna get elite boosts they can pay for…


Edit: Also the Skull bombs in all the doom gates I’ve seen don’t explode before I beat the base.

They only shoot them once so you might want them to deploy them a bit sooner.


Everytime I finish a base with doom gate the skull bombs have had no effect at all on my troops.

I don’t really like the fact that Flare supported “mercenaries” to jump ship and help out rivals, it rally is almost disgusting to believe that because it’s a dirty tactic; I understand it is war but it does not seem right or befitting in Royal Revolt 2.  Honestly really disappointed that they aren’t changing the rule for the last day war because it would be simple to make it so you can still declare war even hours after the 24 hour mark because otherwise it leaves Alliances that have won every war the ability to lose based on skull count.  And like others said and I have to agree with even more is that there has to be different rewards like gems or create more and especially better elite boosts because apparently there’s been problems with the doom gates and the mummies are weak for lower levels.  If it’s the same award each time it makes no sense to waste millions in elite boost for 5 days of non-stop war with only a small 3 day break period to recuperate and try to collect some amount of gold which basically halts Alliance levels and Tournament participates.  It really makes it difficult to keep competing and having the motivation to keep fighting for rewards that you can buy after the first win.  I would like to believe that Flare would figure out these issues soon because I feel these wars may take a blunder or even kill the fun of the game after a few wars.

Gem prizes would be really nice please make that happen as well.

Hi Jona,


Thank you for the information and say thanks to the developers for this quick balance.

Just another suggestion: it would be fantastic to give us a chance to spend pearls for really useful things, like buying alliance gold for that.


Another great development could be to send members gems / gold / pearl / weapons etc.

Not mentioned the usual request: more food and plus silo level for higher level players.


As Mischreiber had written earlier, for us, who has everything on max level, the aim is to help members of our alliance, so these changes should be motivate us to be more active (is it possible? :-).


Thank you, regards,

My idea I think  will boost your income guys and at the same time will get people spending even the gems they don’t have .Its based on roulette style. So there is.The winning team getting  back all the gems they have spend during the war.Everyone else the usual boost only.That will stop for sure any tricks because everyone wants hes gems back while they winning free gold for upgrades and so on. The war will have no limits on spending. Which lets be honest this is what you ultimately want. 

how much time left before a season end we can declare war? Will there be winner if the season end before the war time end?

Please let’s every alliance have some inactive member, may be top 90% member count?

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