Server Update 05/20/2015

Hey everyone,


Today’s server update will include the following changes and fixes:



  •   The transfer window when switching Alliances within a war is increased from 30 to 60 hours
  •   Defensive Troop-Waves have an increased morale maximum of 42 instead of 40


Alliance War Elite Boosts:


  • Frenzy Frost Blaster

Has reduced HP in defense only (-10% compared to before)


  • Doom Gate:

HP gain doubled


Level 1: 30% instead of 15%


Level 2: 36% instead of 18%


Level 3: 40% instead of 20%


Level 4: 46% instead of 23%


Level 5: 50% instead of 25%


Level 6: 60% instead of 30%


Level 7: 80% instead of 40%


Level 8: 100% instead of 50%

Defensive Waves are launched earlier then before


Level 1 


Poison Bombs at 75% of DoomGate HP


Skull Bombs at 60% of DoomGate HP


Fire Balls at 40% of DoomGate HP


Level 2 


Poison Bombs at 78% of DoomGate HP


Skull Bombs at 62% of DoomGate HP


Fire Balls at 42% of DoomGate HP


Level 3 


Poison Bombs at 80% of DoomGate HP


Skull Bombs at 64% of DoomGate HP


Fire Balls at 44% of DoomGate HP


Level 4 


Poison Bombs at 82% of DoomGate HP


Skull Bombs at 66% of DoomGate HP


Fire Balls at 46% of DoomGate HP


Level 5 


Poison Bombs at 84% of DoomGate HP


Skull Bombs at 68% of DoomGate HP


Fire Balls at 48% of DoomGate HP


Level 6 


Poison Bombs at 86% of DoomGate HP


Skull Bombs at 70% of DoomGate HP


Fire Balls at 50% of DoomGate HP


Level 7 


Poison Bombs at 88% of DoomGate HP


Skull Bombs at 72% of DoomGate HP


Fire Balls at 52% of DoomGate HP


Level 8 


Poison Bombs at 90% of DoomGate HP


Skull Bombs at 75% of DoomGate HP


Fire Balls at 55% of DoomGate HP




  • Blizzard has an additional Level 13

(Level 13 Blizzard can kill max level Frenzy Frost Blasters)

+10% damage (3390 Damage)

Reduced cooldown, 11sec instead of 12sec





  • Increased Damage of Apocalypse
  • Apocalypse on max level can kill Frenzy Frost Blasters on max level now.
  • Increased damage of Apocalypse.



  • Increased damage of Armageddon. 

added one Level to Armageddon that unlocks at King level 102

Armageddon Level 3 & Level 4 can kill Frenzy Frost Blasters on max level now.




  • Added 4 additional Levels for Farms (Level 14-Level 17)
  • Level 14: 85 production per hour, 220 storage
  • Level 15: 90 production per hour, 240 storage
  • Level 16: 95 production per hours, 260 storage
  • Level 17: 100 production per hour, 280 storage


  • Added 4 additional Levels for Pubs (Level 14-Level 17)


  • Level 14: 7.000 production per hour, 336.000 storage
  • Level 15: 7.500 production per hour, 360.000 storage
  • Level 16: 8.000 production per hour, 384.000 storage
  • Level 17: 8.500 production per hour, 408.000 storage


Other Changes:

  • Fixed a bug that some Alliances didn’t have their Boosts properly activated after a War Season.
  • Improved cheater detection and counter-measures


Please leave feedback and questions in the comments.




Jona for the flaregames team

I like the new Blizzard level. Hopefully flare will increase Silo level, after upgrading Farms. I like it that taverns get an additional level, too. :smiley: Taverns are great when gold shield is active.

And wuaaah - 4 additional level for farms. That means that we all will loose war because of farm upgrading. ^^

I like this update. Just waiting for buffs for mortar and Pyromancer (maybe new boost).

Like for the new blizzard, the fixed doomgate and especially the new farms! Great changes! Does this update include the swordrain fix?


ouch more upgrades, couldn’t catch up all :slightly_frowning_face:

Should have added level for silo too…

great update! let’s do this SK!

Farm upgrade and war doesn’t really work together :confused: I hope there will be time reduce for the upgrades because it’s really taking ages and now the farm will affect us a lot with no silo upgrade. I hope you look into the time for the upgrades and try to reduce it and bring more silo upgrades



Can u make our farm resume to produce bread even if they are still upgrading, it sucks 6days no bread production when upgrading to lvl 14 :confused:

From my experience in my past raid, I guess it doens’t.

again a crap update . we can more upgrade farms now . realy 20 more storage ?? give silo update also and give more bread . cause if you higer level you can only attack 8 times orso till bread runs out again. also with the wars that cost bread . give more food and stop updatin with crappy numbers . and keep farms getting food while updating cause fighting with 3 or 2 farms is even more crap.

its again more and more a game of who buys the most gems …

I forgot to write that I like the new wave levels. Now we can put in one wave 3 Mummies or Ogre + Mummy + Wolf. Sounds monstastic.

But… 8 days for 9m gold to get that let us waste that much time.

42 wave morale point can fit 3 mummies , that’ll be annoying.Agree that farm should continue producing food while on upgrade like tower continue working on upgrade , it is not ideal to upgrade one farm at a time , not ideal to upgrade all at once either and too expensive to speed them up lol


6 days mean a player cant participate in 3 days of war if he start upgrade after the end of current season , thats bad for the player and the alliance.Theres maybe 7+8+9 days more to max these farm too.

Where is gone silo upgrade where can i stuck my thousand of food =/

Farms now take 2.8h at max level to produce all food

to be honest, having 4 extra level for farm with only +5 per hour per lvl is bit ripped off. You could have as well just make additional one lvl for farm which +20 per hour with +80 storage. 


Lvl 12 farm to lvl 13 farm at least already +20 bread production per hour , then lvl 13 to lvl 14 only +5 per hour. I wouldn’t  mind if we still get our bread if farm is upgrading since issue that we are facing is not enough food, but having new lvl with only little increment per lvl and with such a long upgrading time, u are asking ur player to take a long break LOL 

It is client-side bug

you are wrong jona !! 

now we have  lvl 18 it cost 9 m for 8 days upgrade

he is just saying that instead of lvl 17, now u hv extra one more lvl for waves…


Not yet. A fix for this is still being worked on.