Server Update 06/18/2015- Swordrain/Blizzard Bug

Hey everyone,


We will soon deploy a Live Server update that aims to decrease the severity of the bug concerning Swordrain and Blizzard not dealing damage.


The update will include the following change:

  • Defense Arblasters  now fire 1 projectile per second instead of 4 projectiles per second as they did before. But they do 4 times the damage per projectile, so  DPS stay the same. This reduces the amount of projectiles in the field at the same time.
  • Note:  This change is only temporary and will be reverted with the next proper client update (1.8.5), which will fix the bug completely.

The update should severely reduce the frequency with which the bug occurs by reducing the amount of projectiles on-screen, which is the main cause of the bug.



Once the server update is deployed, please feel free to let us know if it worked for you!






Shame we can duck projectiles!


Many of us have also reported Sonic Blast issues, will this update also fix that problem?


Do you have any indication when the next client update will be deployed?

Looks like the most awaited server update since months… Hopefully it holds its promises!

Finally I was waiting for this, arb’s were killing me … literally.

Nice, finally! Hope it works!

a temporary fix after over a month :slight_smile:


That is not the only problem. Another huge one is the bug that limits our spells vs arblasters to just 2. It is because even a heal from just 1!!! ONE!!! Arblaster, would prevent any damage over time to all targets affected and still heal them. That makes every damage over time spell to deal 0!!! ZERO!!! Damage, once at least one arblaster dies. And that is considered a bug, unless this thing is documented somewhere. BUT - if so, why do we even need half of our spells, if they deal 0 damage to defenses that use arblasters (80% of any defenses now)?

I will confirm that it is NOT fixed. Just did 3 raids and it occurred on 2 of them. One raid happened 3 times. Airblasters still survive max blizzard regardless of location. I can stand right next to a group and not kill all. Missfire still occurs and skull towers sometimes take zero damage

I’m not even mad. I have gotten used to this bug and have adapted my raiding.

Quiet not fixed yet,still feels and looks the same.Thanks for atleast trying to fix the bug 

they will tell u ur other DoT spell is for lower lvl player who don’t fight elite ab

In fact at least for me the main bug is that Swordrain / Blizzard has a troop limit that can hit. For example: It seems to me Swordrain / Blizzard can only hit about 20 units equivalent Approx to two waves, but with the mummies pouring 10 Knights each often have more than 25 units in Swordrain action radius / Blizzard is there that happens the bug because due to the large amount of troops Swordrain / Blizzard failure and misses no troops.




In summary in my opinion a lot of troops in spells radius of action is what causes the failure of spells.

RevenanT, so you must kill all arbs at once ))))

Hammerstrike works for me quite well.

Talking about “Projectile” , please checking again projectile from elite gate.

When gate release poison bomb, skulls bomb, and fire bomb, each bomb type making missfire arround 1-2 seconds.

Example : when i’m near the gate with more than 10 cannon and howling from wolf, and 4 seconds left+Time Warp, should be i win, but i’m lose…

Different levels of Castle Gate throw in different time the bombs:

Afe you fighting Max frost arbs in maxed bases with 2-3 mummy waves and in excess of 30 enemies (mostly elite-boosted Knights) inside a 2 tile radius at once?

However, even an effective workaround isn’t the point. A large investment of resources (time, food, gems, gold, pearls) went into farming for and leveling these spells to max. SR and especially Blizz and SB were *specifically rebalanced* (higher levels, adjusted cooldowns, etc.) recently to provide an offensive counterweight to the AW elite boosts. With respect, the length of time it’s taken to provide a hot fix - much less a full patch (which may never even happen?! Lol) - is absurd. Did Flare’s testers even dev-test this rebalance in-game before launching it? And by “test”, I mean “raid against a boosted ‘Mumarb’ base with the configuration of spells that were rebalanced for that purpose”? If so, that tester should be reassigned. If not, why bother at all? And was this hot fix live-tested? There is a long, long history of poorly-tested patches in RR2: so much so that it is an expectation. But, a debilitating bug like this should be isolated and patched - immediately: especially when you have your players live-testing the game for you, and then meet their complaints with skepticism until they prove it is real (as if the burden of proof is on them!).

So, players upgraded (quite a few dropping thousands of gems on each spell to accelerate upgrades) only to find themselves in a situation where the offensive tools available are hilariously inadequate against the defensive units designed to offset them.

Even now, I’m not certain Flare gets the issue. Listen to your player base: those who care are here, not on FB or off grumbling in a corner. This issue needs to be fully addressed once and for all.

Yes i know about that.

What i mean is, when elite gate release bomb, elite gate had some “immune”

So ur trops can’t hit the gate.

Like jack said “amount of projectiles on-screen, which is the main cause of the bug.”

No offense jack but i miss jona saying regards instead of cheers and he used double spacing :slightly_frowning_face:

I know what I must do, thanks xD I have all spells except poison cloud at max. BUT - I think flare are not that dumb and it is still a bug. Cause simply removing all DoT spells from the game is wrong. And this immunity thing wasn’t documented anywhere.

sorry, didn’t want to offend you.