Server Update 06/24/2015

wat does todays server update include?

I like it . Thank

2 new colors for the hero gear. Green-gray and Purple-gray

Yeah…great Flare, you realy care about hero gear color…

And nothing with bug…

Nice Flare!!

funniest discovery in server update . Hero gear has more color ! 

Another new feature: you no longer can see how former members did in past wars… It now just says not-actif and it only shows lost skulls.

please implement cheater detector mechanism at next update. we have more cheaters now at rr2 at large, even some high lvl+rank kings start using it (cheat engine) for their greed (flawless all scroll-free victories even at all maxed out bases, emphasized ’ scroll-free’ -> no income for flare )

About yesterday’s update, I wanna add that they have improved the re-rolling in granny shop. Now you will see better item when you spend gems to re-roll.

Really? Sounds good… I would never have noticed that as the button says since many months that re-rolling yields better gear while it doesn’t/didn’t and I have long ago given up the re-rolls… but yeah, another pay to win feature… pay gems to get better gear, while your regular offers will be 90% crap and 8% golden crap (golden items / “special offer” items with strictly inferior/lower stats than your currently equipped items, things like “check out this 20% discount item, it’s a shiny sword with -25 damage and -35 blunt damage compared to the one you have now - buy this great offer for only 500 gems!”). Still, at least now that button does what it says it’d do… 



And yes, this “feature” - or better call it bug or at least “anti-feature” - is quite annoying… and I really see no reason to that “feature”.

It’s basically constantly corrupting the history data of all past wars more and more, every time some member joins or leaves an alliance for whatever reason… why don’t you just remove the history altogether, then, if you distort and destroy it over time? I mean, if some player loyally thought for you during 8 war seasons and then decides to visit a different alliance, all of his former participation is just zeroed out as if he never had been there… 


#Edit: And I split the new posts off to a new topic, as they don’t refer to the update from 20th of May… 

Ok, you made me curious… I just “spinned the wheel of luck” 7 times in a row, spending 28 gems (more than my usual total cost for scrolling/resurrecting per month btw^^), and out of the 35 offers displayed from the spins, only 2 were golden items at all… 


Both of those were quite expensive, and even more important none of those two was useful even in the slightest - both had way lower stats than the corresponding items that I currently have, and one of these is almost half a year old from when I was lvl 80 (and I’m lvl 90 currently). 

And the last, most expensive spin didn’t even contain a single golden item, nor did the second-last, second-most expensive spin… the last spin contained 3 purple and 2 blue items, and all of them were absolute crap with stats ranging from two-thirds (66%) to literally only half (50%) of the stats of my current gear. 

Still, all of those 5 blue/purple items cost hundreds of either gems or pearls (no single offer to be bought with gold!)… prices of golden items, but half of the stats… 


So I still really can’t feel any notable increase in gear quality with spins. 


I wish you better luck than me^^ 

For me the Wheel from Granny works fine and yes if you want the good stuff

you need to use gems and pearls.

After long waiting and many crap offer from her i got a few new good items.

The most importent Item for me was the speed boots with 29,5%.

Maybe they increased the lucky of only 5% and we can’t visibly notice it always of course, otherwise should be too easy and flaregames could lose money…instead this feature do increase players to spend more gems now for granny. 

Yesterday i spin 2 times and only the second time she offers me a legendary item with stats better than mine, but with an high cost in terms of gems.

So theorically now you spend more for the fact that seems that she offer lot of beautiful things so people are more motivate to: spend starter gems (re-rolling) + gems of the gear you want = more money for flare.

No its more than 5%. I was getting 4 rare items (on one spin!!). Basically from about 2-3 gems upwards I start getting at least 1 rare item per spin and then constantly there after. basically kept spinning until the combination of stats was what im after. literally could have replaced all gear with all combinations of magic or other side effects. I replaced most of my gear. ok not cheap since its not discounted but its so easy to get so many rare items now that in some ways im suspicious.


If we spend gems we will prob buy them so in some ways its allowing or encouraging those who buy gems to get better king stats.

I have spinned several times and haven’t seen 1 gold item so far. Not even bad gold items.

I’m using an iphone. maybe its platform based?

ehm, i felt the main change is: opponants give only half amount of gold!!!

Hundreds of players in your range now only give 15k or 47k instead of former 100k and 170k.

How to collect 10kk now?

Yes ! Right! With diamonds ak real money

And i felt poison stronger now…

I am on windows phone.

Lots of things can affect what granny offers so I should say she did offer me decent items that I bought right before the server update.

I always just wait for special offers. If I don’t like it, I leave it. Then Granny keels giving me special offers until I find something I like

When you spin the granny… make sure after you reach like 2 or 3 gems… you reset the gem count by buying a useless gold item for cheap(Less than 100k if you see it buy it to reset the gem count to 1). That way can do more spins. This assuming you have lots of gold to waste.

War season’s only 4 days long (: