Server Update 07/24/2015 - Balancing and Bugfix

Hey everyone,


We will have a new server update today (07/24/2015), which will include several balance tweaks and a fix for the problem with vouchers.


Here’s what is included in the update:

  • The new version is out on all platforms, get your update now!
  • Increased amount of war-champions.
  • Increased amount of war-shields.
  • Reduced the price in Alliance Gold for the initial War-Champions and War-Shields.
  • Increased the number of Ingame-Friends from 15 to 20.
  • Increased the number of Voucher-Friends from 15 to 20.
  • New FAQ feature in options menu.
  • We fixed a bug that caused that Voucher friends weren’t earning Vouchers for their connected Voucher friends levelling up.


Please leave feedback and questions in the comment.






  1. How many other Champions and Shields have been added for when an alliance level up ? (For example from alliance level 40: 6 shields, from alliance level 45: 7 shield etc)

  2. I can’t find this new FAQ feature in options menu.

Jack please confirm how much voucher we get with every increase in hero level of our friends king.from past two days two of my friends upgraded themselves and I got two vouchers one each.after this server update a friend of mine increased his level and I again got one voucher only.

Thanks for the update. Wish that we can add more ingame- friends. 20 seems not enough.

bonjours mes amis 

moi ses pareil je trouve pas la fonctionannalité de FAQ  dans le menu des options 

amitié du jeu @+jimmi 

Getting 1 voucher from Level upgrade sucks. We need at least 25 vouchers in case a king upgrades between level 1-60 , 40 vouchers if king upgrades between level 60-85 and 60 vouchers if king upgrades from Level 85-120


When you say balance tweaks can you elaborate on what is changed please?

I just got 1 voucher from ->level93 friend


Is it normal???

I thought you fix dungeon crash but when i install the update it sadly force close again i move my RR2 to my Phone storage but again it force close how can i fix this

Can i uninstall my RR2? Or reset my phone? Please help.

Please reply …

Uninstalling will not help you.this is happening with most of us.this is a bug which only flare can fix.

Windows 8.1 LAPTOP hasn’t the FAQ button, here the proof  Jack:

I wish there had been more information about voucher system before you introduced this system. If I had known that I can enter code only once and that only low level voucher friends are beneficial, I wouldn’t have entered a code of a 100 level friend, and although he leveled up he didn’t give me any vouchers, bummer, I’ll wait 6 months for his next level up.


Jack, are you guys planning to shorten war season or make breaks longer ? And come back to a 24 hour war time ? I think it was requested by a lot of players.

exacte oPelle = yes 

FAQ will be very helpful for new players, I’m looking forward to more great updates in the future.


The devs are brainstorming and gathering your suggestions to see how wars and war seasons can be improved. (See: Suggestions Forum)

I think we need to know how many vouchers we’ll get in each level up, and also I’d like to get some free vouchers to replenish the ones I didn’t get with my friends’ levels and also mine (I didn’t get vouchers when I leveled up either).

Also, it’s good to now the amount of gold spent in wars is lower now.

We’re facing an alliance with 51 members and we can allow max 39 and we have already lost the last war so i thought we met “easy” opponents in this, instead it happened the contrary uff…

still getting zero or only 1 voucher, from 13 friends i have only 1 player give that only 1 voucher. still disappointed :slightly_frowning_face:

4 times a guy level up and 4 times he gives me 1 voucher every level then also a guy level up and i got 4 vouchers (strange number o.o)…