Server Update 07/29/2015

Hey everyone,


A new server update went live today and introduced the following changes for personal War rewards. These changes will take effect with the start of the upcoming War Season.


  • The amount of Skulls needed for personal War rewards has been lowered:
    • Common Magic Chests now unlock at 1.000, 2.000, and 3.000 Skulls
    • Enchanted Magic Chests now unlock at 4.000, 5.500, and 7.500 Skulls
    • Rare Magic Chests now unlock at 10.000, 12.500, and 15.000 Skulls
    • Epic Magic Chests now unlock at 20.000, 25.000, and 30.000 Skulls
    • Legendary Magic Chests now unlock at 40.000, 50.000, and 60.000 Skulls


  • The chance to find good loot in epic and legendary Magic Chests has been increased



Please leave your feedback and questions in the comments.






Hey Jack,


so the losers Bonus will stay the same and not getting changed at all?


Greetings, Mr.Shizo

Good move to decrease the skulls, but why only chance to find better loot in epic and legendary and not also rare magic chests ? :confused: However i don’t complain about this little thing, but i’m still far from 30K skulls…also being attacked at last 1 time in each Fiefdom War.

What about the buggy 14th season that started immediately after this season? In the buggy season we got fourth place and so we don’t have the golden border in our emblem just like we earned it in the fair war season…

i guess the main issue is skull bonus , not chest reward. If nothing is done on that before next season, then it gonna be sucks

FIX THE SYSTEM OF MATCHING ALLIANCE PLEASE… How many times does this have to be mentioned? A level 24 Alliance with 29/29 members cannot beat nor claim those numbers of skulls above. 


These numbers are based on what I can do in our Alliance our lower players can’t even come close.


At our level Alliance during war season the highest skull count thats able to be claimed is around 850. So 850x3 highest scores= 2,550 The most battles we’ve done in one War season is 9. So 9x 2550= 22950 is the highest score.


Those numbers are what I can do in a war season… Most of our lower level players cant even gain over 100 skulls in one battle due to the fact that we are still being matched with Alliance that have 55/55 members we have 29/29.


If you need proof I have a ton of screenshots for you

Would’ve been nice to tell us that you reset it back to wars every Friday :slightly_frowning_face:

wah ? I got pure crap items last time after working hard and grinding 50k skulls  :slightly_frowning_face:


In a way you fixed it , but i was just not paid what i deserved  :slightly_frowning_face:


Anyway… thanks for improving  :slight_smile:

I was expecting fixing skull bonus, not magic chest rewards. However, lowering the amount of skulls needed for chests rewards is fair enough.  You increased loot in legendary chests which is fair too but rewards should be better anyway. Last time in a legendary chest (60k) the only legendary reward I got was 10 vouchers. 10 vouchers!!! What kind of value 10 vouchers have ? I need at least 12 vouchers to buy a minimal amount of food which is 135. We’ll see how many I’ll get this time, I hope the increase will be noticable.

looser skull bonus needs to be fixed, it is just too high

Seriously? what about the skulls bonus Flare!

Who cares

This is a really good step.


I really want to see more updates like this, aimed at helping newbies improve faster.




That said, Jack please look into emblems! I will keep asking!

I’m still a little new to alliance wars so I can’t give much feedback. I do like the current setup but I don’t see how it’s possible to get 60,000+ skulls I get 7-800 per battle, even with a bonus pecentage it’s nowhere near enough. How are others getting 60k skulls. just buy buying bread and raiding all day.

Would have been better if you had fixed the season 14 bug. I’m relly wordless how Flaregames manages this big bug. It’s there fault and we have to pay for it!

What are you paying for? The season 14 bug was a small mix-up.

This is a golden update and it seems like people are seeing a shitty reflection of themselves rather than enjoying the the shiny new additions to the game.



Also Emblems! Tell me about them! I have asked for so long in almost every official Flare thread!

Great update you don’t need to change the skull bonus right away as 1 war feedback on them is not enough time to actually test them out.

Good changes on the chests. Reward in a single chest at higher levels was not worth the work it took attaining it.


A fix needs to be made to the skull bonus. It was very clear even in just one season that the bonus is too much. It allows demonstrably inferior alliances to win. We all want a fair fight, not one rigged to strengthen the underdog just because they lost. Instead of giving a skull bonus, offer a participation ribbon. It could read “I came, I saw, I was conquered”.

60k is too much, 40k is more reachable. last time, the best member of our alliance only got 17k.

Alright, first of all, I don’t think 60k skulls is too much. There are people out there who raid all day and pay money all day because they are all-out committed to the game. In my opinion, having large skull chests is fitting because then there is something that only those dedicated people will earn. I mean, they’ve got to get some kind of reward, right? :stuck_out_tongue: