Server Update 07/30/2015

Hey everyone,


The purpose of today’s live server update is regular Server Maintenance.





And again no Bugfix for this Season 14 :frowning: Maybe you see your costumers only as cash cows.

When we can upgrade the troops!? Or spells? I only need money for daily donation! Please do something, the game gets boring!

The gems I didn’t get for a first place after a server maintenance nearly 3 weeks ago, are still lost! I didn’t get gems or help by now! Neither in the forum nor from the support.

I just got my gems. Yuhuuh. Thx.


I insist, where’s the season 14 fix?

Why do not you do a season of war on weekdays (Monday to Friday)?

Leave weekend alone! Many people do not fight on the weekend!

I don’t think there are very much players which have this problem. If you give everythink more levels the game will start to be boring for all which doesn’t have everythink on top level.

The Season 14 bug fix will come in the following form:

  • Boosts expire

  • You always gravitate towards your intended fiefdom level

  • Stop complaining

Many people have no time in the week because they are working. I find it better like it is.

I actually find the opposite true. Weekdays, only time to fight is if you get a minute before work…at lunch maybe if you have time or when you get home in the evenings. that means its not always possible. on a weekend. 3 mins here and there when you get food means you can get more attacks in…


much prefer the weekend personally.

Thats why they should increase the time inbetween wars with a day or two. Let the war days shift over the week, in that case everybody sometimes get what they prefer.

This update changed Range of towers?


arrow 6.0 -> 6.4 fire 2.0 -> 2.8 ice 2.0 -> 2.8 bomb 6.7 -> 6.8 fb 7.0 -> 7.1 skull 5.0 -> 5.5



more scrols - more pearls - more gems - more real money - more FG profit?

I am not sure what exactly changed there. Many (all?) of the ranges always were like this, but for most towers the displayed range when selecting a used tower was not matching the actual range which also is displayed in the tower inventory. 

Dungeon is not fixed for lumia  :slight_smile: