Server Update 08/01/2015

Hey everyone,


Today’s server update includes the following changes:


  • Improved the chat-history

  • General Maintenance


Please report here if there are any issues with the update.


Regards and have fun playing.


Nice update with the chat history. Works fine! Thx.

So how does chat history work? How long does it last?

It lasts for 24 hourse or 20 messages, whichever is more relevant.


We know that 20 messages isn’t that much for some players, but it is better than nothing right now.


We will see how the feature can be further improved in the future.






It’s very good.

20 message is good for now , at least I can read what I missed out during the 3-4 mins that my game crash lol

Jona if you can make a remind to when is time to donate to Alliance? Thx

Same we have when farm full or other reminders

I noticed the chat has somewhat a longer duration but I get really lonely while I’m the only one on and when I leave and come back on I saw someone say something but it was something that was already spoken the last time I don’t like it

I agree with Atlas1000. Just logged in today and the game showed me the last messages from yesterday evening one after another on the bottom of the screen - just like if they were new and I hadn’t already read them.


I’d suggest to show only new messages on the bottom of the screen and the history only when the chat-window is manually opened. Would probably also be a good idea to show the old messages in another color or mark them as “historic” in some other way in the chat-window.

Or create a button where you can see the chat while you were offline but the real chat is there where you can talk now

Actually I like the way it is - witb same colors for “historic” and new messages and automatic display of the history.

Next to each message there’s a time, so pretty quickly you can see whether the latest post is new or not. As the chat already has different colors - orange, blue, green - a “historic color” approach would be rather confusing I guess… you’d need 3 historic colors to match it.

Btw I noticed that when logging in, the latest history (things that were said when I was offline) do NOT contain login/logout messages. I really appreciate that, would clutter up history otherwise! :slight_smile:

Jona before server update My Arblaster lvl 5 when server update come my Arblaster lvl 4 please fix it fast i upgrade it for 7 m not easy amount please fix it to lvl 5

play on Andriod 

IGN: vishal sharma :slightly_frowning_face:

Well it does show the time but I can’t read a 24 hr clock, only 12 hr

Im seeing duplicate messages in the chat history since the last update. Is anyone seeing the same thing?

Yes it happened to me when i logged for the second time the game show me duplicated messages but after a bit when i came back online it returned normal, however it’s a bug that need to be fixed.

fix the bugs before any update,now the game didn’t open at all (android 4.0.3) 

I liked it just the way it was before, and we don’t need to see what people have been saying while we logged out, theres something called privacy

Um, Atlas1000, I don’t think alliance chats are a very good place to speak privately? If you want to chat with someone privately, ask who they are on Facebook or what their email is and talk to them there.

I love the chat history! awesome job you guys did there. can really appreciate changes based on consumer feedback! :wink: