Server Update 08/06/2015

Hey everyone,


We’ve deployed another Live Server Update today (08/06/2015).


It will include the following, frequently requested balancing changes for Alliance Wars:


  • War Season length has been increased from 4 days to 5 days
  • Length of single Wars has been increased to 23,5 hours
  • Pauses between Seasons has been increased from 3 days to 6/5 Days
    • Pauses between Seasons will alternate between 6 and 5 days
  • Voucher Week has ended



Feel free to leave your questions and comments below!





Because it has been started? For me it has never started getting the usual 1-5 vouchers 


Wait… Was there something like “Voucher Week”? Because I didn’t get any new vouchers this week and my friends actually leveled up…

Obvious question: Did you keep the length of the bonus war boosts (mummy, arb, gate) the same (at 5 days)?

*sigh* when I see these server updates I get so excited for a big change, and then when I see the post it just disappoints me

Great improvement :slight_smile:


A welcome change, thank you Jack, one question though, why do we need 5 wars in a season, I think maybe keeping it as 4 days with a three day break, letting the wars be 23.5 hours each would mean a weekly war system still, but would also mean less grinding for a 5th war and also allow more fiefs to be spread on the map at the end, so it maybe would help some of the weaker alliances keep a fief.

I would like to repeat what “stanpa” has asked.


with the change to the war durations, what has been changed with the boost durations? anything?


@atlas this is just a server update not a game update

boost length is not mention, opps i guess no change XD

@shyong even though I feel the same way… that would REALLY SUCK! :slightly_frowning_face:

I dont see a problem if war boost reward not extended cuz we fight for 5 days , why should we get longer boost ? I do however hope we get more alliance reward , some alliance will hit max fiefdom and max boost level soon you know Flaregames.


Happy to see those changes as I believe most people here feel the same.


However,  more need to be done than just fixing things to how they were initially, as it happened with the first two changes.

Longer pauses are very welcome, keep real changes happening :slight_smile:


Also most of us didn’t even realize what is voucher week, or even realized the need for having vouchers at all… Flare definitely need to rethink the whole idea behind vouchers and provide something meaningful to us, or don’t provide it at all.

Excelente update

_ we require : _

  • _ -more silo levels .  _
  • _ -fix dungeon world for WP. _

100% agree

I really don’t see why we need more silo levels. What we need is shorter and cheaper farm upgrades, as well as more of them. It is very hard for us medium level people to get bigger farms :slightly_frowning_face:


And I don’t play on Windows Phone, but I didn’t get to access the dungeons until I was level 56; and I can tell you that it makes the whole game a lot tougher. So plz fix that Flaregames!

@ vester with a game of 150 000 players… the top 1000 account for a very small portion


your comment was mean and hurtful. you are extremely arrogant to think that flare only needs to work the game around the top players…


he said he is past level 56. with max level being 120. sounds like a very good basis to say he is a mid level player


however I can totally agree that the silo max should have increased when the farms did. only makes sense


and for everyone curious about the dungeon bug. flare is working aggressively to handle the situation, I can tell you first-hand as I play WP