Server update 08/12/2015: Discussion



Here you can discuss the last server update: Blacksmith Meltdown.

Hi i like this event BUT!


I just started upgrading my smith in a 4 day timer 1 hour ago. Can you not make it so that players who has the event building in progress before the event start automaticly finishes? As many people wont be able to enjoy theese events as they are just ninjaed in without warning? Or give us a option to cancel upgrades? Then you wont be giving out “free gem upgrades” and people can choose it themselves as well if they want to cancel or not


Does this confirm that the pearl slots in smith cost will not be lowered? It would be rather sad to unlock  them at 25% now and then maybe in a little time you will do a game balance and reduce the cost in half like you did with the gem removal  price?


Thanks :slight_smile:

I actually agree with this, if there is an event unveiled and if any of the players have an ongoing activity they will loose out on jumping onboard for the events? I think you should consider a work around for those players atleast…


But a welcome event, I hope my chances are lucky this time  :grinning:

Yes babyyyyyy thx:))))))

First time its in the right time for me

The simple fact that you feel the need to organise such event (especially when you need to give 5 times what is normally received) on a new feature added very recently, shows that there is an issue on how you designed that new feature at the first place…

What the hell this action means again?


Most of our alliance are bulding blacksmith


So this action is void

ooooo very tempting but imma skip this diversionary tactic


the smart money will be continuing the tower upgrade to max before monkey bus


200% lv xp will push most who gunna war to next LV, anyways (panty-waist)


your uber efforts sale or no will be outdated in a week



People laugh at the insane price of 26k gems for all pearl slots and you react not by balancing, but giving a 25% offer… :stuck_out_tongue:



yeah. we have a clothing store in America uses same method. called Khols


all items inflated to 2x the market value and %50 off sale signs everywhere.


so in fact nothings eva on sale but cows still leave happy

There is no incentive for players at lower levels (i’m 69 right now), because the items will be replaced within a short timeframe.

I come back to it, when i’m 80/90/whatever. So: skip.

@ sparta


(of corse I could be bitter cuz my upgrade is 3 days out HOHO)



If you are upgrading the Blacksmith right now, you unfortunately cannot profit from the meltdown part.

The upgrade part still works though ^^

Please read my last report that I sent u in ur last topic (black smith event) please replay me for that report please ign vamshi rajkumar


Ok, all top players ARE upgrading blacksmith




And all lower players just upgrade temporary things


This action is bluff

My Blacksmith is upgrading and i spent all my gems removing shitty perks over and over because they all suck.

Basically this event is null and void to me.


0/10 Stars

Regarding this update:

  • Would really like know how much is the actual percentile increase for upgrading an item successfully.  On each other aspect of the update you gave real numbers, while on this one just a “slightly better” explanation. Is the increase so ridiculously low that you are ashamed to mention it? 
  • Once again you give us an unexpected event that most of us will miss cause our blacksmith is currently upgrading
  • We were expecting a balancing update, for the completely dysfunctional Blacksmith. Instead, we got a 2 day event, while the problems mentioned multiple times still insist. 

Thanks for the many many pearls! And got my 6th slot now :grinning:

Aether can you please get official word about the pearl slot prices?

Are they really final now? Because if they are up for concideration it would be very unfortunate to spend many gems on it and few week later you make a patch that reduces the price of them.


I want more slots, but if the price of them currently are being discussed i’d rather wait out this 25% offer.


Would really appreciate a response on this.

Got my 7th now lol

Aether, its great to hv events but what I don’t get is why we only get notification on the very day itself?!

Is it too hard to notify us of the upcoming events rather than springing them as surprises! A grace period of a few days so that we can prepare for what’s coming or at least know that we didn’t make a fool of ourselves by spending on the very thing thats half the price the next day or even after just couple of hours.