Server update 08/27/2015



Today, August 27th, we had a short maintenance to prepare the arrival of the next version.


Your Roval Revolt 2 Team


Additional information:


As you may have notice, a balancing change concerning the Doom Gate has gone live yesterday.

The new bonus values are the following ones:


Doom Gate HP:

  • l1 30%
  • l2 35%
  • l3 40%
  • l4 45%
  • l5 50%
  • l6 55%
  • l7 60%
  • l8 70%


Doom Gate Damage:

  • l1 50%
  • l2 55%
  • l3 60%
  • l4 62%
  • l5 64%
  • l6 66%
  • l7 68%
  • l8 70%

One example to read these values:

At level 1, the Doom Gate will have 30% more HP and will deal 50% more damage than the normal castle gate.

It means the current HP and damage for the Doom Gate level 1 will be respectively: 130% of the normal gate HP and 150% of the normal gate damage.

i see already the shadow of the dragon on my base 

Seriously? Where?

So we can hope the Update will shown up tomorrow?

i think not tomorrow, too early maybe next week because if tomorrow then cannot fix any coming bug on weekend is bad for all

Didn’t FB say the gargoyle towers were the first of a few boosts? we’ve had the dragon now so there could be another next week. Maybe this update wont be for a week or so!?

Lol mine sentence was sarcastic XD because i’m excited for the new update  :grinning:

Hey :slight_smile:


The update will arrive soon!

However I can already tell you the release date is not tomorrow.


Also, good news: Windows 10 is officially supported for Royal Revolt from version 1.9.0 onwards!

Nerfing max DG was intended ?

Pls take a month(alliance reasons)

Doomgate lv8 has 70% of life and bombs now.

can we know what are the change on this new version?

Excellent, so we can now happily update to Windows 10. Awesome Job Flare, much appreciated. 


Our only request for now is please help us with Dungeons bug, there are a lot of us in finishing stages of Dungeons & lots of them who are yet to start with Dungeons.

maintenance create new bug?! i see our doomsgate lvl nerfed? from already max dg, suddenly drop to only +70%? ewww :slightly_frowning_face:



The new version is not out yet. The update yesterday was to prepare the arrival of the new version. :grinning:

A balancing change has indeed been done for the Doom Gate.

I will provide you with more details shortly.

Could you at least tell us what else have changed ? And maybe show us new  stats of all levels of DG ?

server maintenance again, something is about to come ?

It would be great if you could post a changelog for server updates please!