Server Update 09/02/2015

Hey everyone,


The servers will be going down for maintenance shortly.


Here are the changenotes for when they are back up:


• Finetuning: Elite Boost balancing


• New upgrade levels for troops, spells, buildings and obstacles:


   Alliance Tower: +1 Level

   Archer: + 1 Level

   Pyromancer: +1 Level

   Bomb Tower: +1 Level

   Blizzard: +1 Level

   Poison Cloud: +1 Level

   Hammerstrike: + 1 Level

   Stun: +1 Level


• Balancing of various Dungeon levels and decreased difficulty


• Maintenance preparation for v1.7.0.






no change at all?

Maintenance break means only to free space on your servers ?

i got news, max alliance tower now is lvl.11 and from what i see now, all elite boosts have been buffed, at least its hp. added more lvl for pyromancer and archer…ouch! >.<

a new alliance tower level that cost 4k gems and allow 500k donation , new pyro level and archer level

So donating 500K per day will allow you to level up easy your Alliance to level 50 (only for who get millions gold per day) that is not my case in this moment xD


That’s not exactly what I’d expect from an update that’s described with “There are no changes to the player’s side of things.”…


There was a communication hickup. The changes have now been added.

Seems like there was another one. I don’t see a new Bladestorm level :angry:

Jona you wrote new level for obstacles what are they??


The Bomb Tower

no changes for the shield spell? :/ 


The shield spell got buffed in the last update if I recall correctly.

I didn’t notice this, I’m sorry. I thought that another upgrade was due for this server update.

It seems they are confused, and some innovations will work only after the client update :slight_smile:

eeh ok an new level Alliance tower wich cost 4k gems ??? realy . this is only for the higlevel kings and the people who pay real cash they can level up Alliance easier and will put normal alliances more behind then now .  . and again another update in wich they only care for cash … realy flare games i think its time to realy be ashamed of yourself again. greed greed greed is flare’s magic word …

Hi Jona, do you have any target date to release the 1.7 version ?

Have you planned hot new stuff ???

new update… Expensive…more greed :angry:

There was an error in the patchnotes. The Bladestorm did not get an extra level. We have corrected this now.


Please excuse the confusion.