Server update 09/04/2015



Today, September 4th, we had a short live server update.

It kicked off a double XP weekend for all users!


We hope you will enjoy it and become more powerful!


Your Royal Revolt 2 Team

If anything I wont raid this weekend lol. Gaining xp faster only makes breadcosts higher… Can you tell when it ends? At that point Ill start raiding again.

Very good thing! When will it exactly start and end? Direct on 09/05/2015 0:00 from germany time zone?

Double xp? What is that?

Hey :slight_smile:


The weekend has started already.

It will end after 10:00am CET on Monday.


Thanks for your understanding!


This weekend you will earn double xp, it means when you will fight battles, you will get the double amount of experience than you usually receive! :grinning:

Thats great thanks Aether …

double XP >> double king level up >> double food to raid 

sorry, not interested until you add more level for silo and farms .  :wink:  

If you give double money that would be nice.

Hi Aether, when is The Big One?



It should arrive shortly, stay in touch! :grinning:

if the war chests have skulls in and they one of the upcoming updates then I assume…before the next war which is only a few days away!?


double XP is better than double gold. at least for higher levels where gold is everywhere…however, I can see so many people raiding and then spending the gold there will be a lot less gold around this weekend. It depends on how many videos are available as spending loads on food isn’t great and this update could encourage that!!

Another “Fit for nothing” server update. 


Trademark FLARE GAMES style !!! Yeah we are used to this shit …

we are on standby  mode . i think the update will be on Monday / Tuesday , no ? 

Waiting for dragon and gargoyle boost. When it comes.

kind of wish we had more details so we could plan and create the towers or prioritise other things if they aren’t suitable for our current king level…

Since this weekend, we have double any experiences gained, suggestion - please balance with next weekend: halved any experiences gained, How about it? :stuck_out_tongue:

Have to find something else to do this weekend, thanks :frowning:

Well I like the idea. I wanna reach 120 someday. Please keep more double xp weekends!

I’m in favour of double XP weekend. theres nothing to say you have to play more. just play the same and get double the XP ! whats not to like!


What would be amazing is on the double XP weekend you get more food in the chests rather than gold


Can we have double XP weekends on a regular basis?