Server update 09/04/2015



this double-xp-weekend is a nice idea, i like so see my stats rise and getting my hero stronger! :slight_smile:



but i have a little question that really bothers me:


i’d like to know how the value of the exp per fight are made up?? :wink:


can you tell me please? :slight_smile:


Did this update reduce the treasure chamber option to try a new chest, when I got the laughing skull? Before update I needed 20 gems to get a second chance, now I only see 15 gems.


Dont want this double XP event


Excellent idea! Delightful news for Windows users! How didn’t anyone think of this gimmick before?

Now leveling up will be even faster and the food cost for each raid will rise more rapidly.

Win users can’t get extra food anyway, so instead of improving it, flares make this problem even worse…


Why am I not surprised?.. Thank you flares for this continuing Windows users Discrimination.


Seriously, who needs higher levels? Somebody’s ego? Not mine, that’s for sure.


I personally will not make even one raid this weekend. Seeya flares next week. Maybe…

Oh my god, you CAN NOT be serious… Shut the hell up about ‘windows discrimination’, this is bad for most of the high level players, but you again only whine for windows. As said before, I havent had free food in months, but you dont see me complain every single opportunity i get… I really admire your alliances being all about loyalty and integrity, but your continuing shit about windoes really gets enoying.

Vester, if you think that this is one continuously whining person’s problem, then you are wrong.

Think of all your windows users friends in this game. Surely, there are many of them. Your post proves you don’t give a damn about them.


And yes, I will continue posting about this issue.

:slight_smile: Even when it is sometimes very hard - please stay in a non-rude conversation. I purchased some gems to raid now very much to get xp. I don’t care about few more bread costs, because I have the benefit to get better items/ lv which is for me a huge benefit.

Maybe it is better to thank flaregames that this game runs on 3 different systems with most options, than to complain some missing feature. If you need free food, you also can purchase an iPod touch for ~230$ or an android phone. Or set up clock timer to get every 2 1/2h food from farms for free.

There are some options. I think there it has to be a specific system reason why Flaregames let windows phone users out from free food videos.

To second G here, really don’t start fighting each other!

You can see the double XP event as good, bad, both or none of it, but it is not a suitable example for “windows users discrimination” in any way, because anyone can choose to participate or ignore it (and as it’s war break, nobody has a duty to raid), and anyone has the same chance. And if you dislike getting more XP, having no free food for extra raids as windows user probably helps you, as you can’t make that many raids on a single weekend :grinning:


Anyone knows (or can know by reading my posts) that I am for a free-food mechanic that is available and identical for all platforms, but this event thread is definitely not the place to discuss that, same as it isn’t the place to discuss upcoming new boosts, lost accounts or your favorite types of food in real life. 

Hi ElementG,


Well, you’re not the first :slight_smile:

Honestly, would you do it? Think not, cause better buying a complete games console. So, why do you suggest this to others?


Windows platform is indeed problematic. Flares have posted all the reasons in detail. But there are so many other ways to solve it, other than blaming programming languages incompatibility and doing nothing. It’s only a matter of will…


But HeroesFlorian is right, it’s a bit off-topic, because each has a choice not to raid this weekend.

i agree with elementG i use windows on pc and get ho vidios…it hasnt affected my game play.i will buy food. the game is good

Ehi guys,


please do not be pessimistic with every single little things they come out. They give us this opportunity to do more xp during raid, simple enjoy it.

Nobody say you to buy gems to get food continuously to do some raids only for this server update of xp. (that i would call it an event).

If you want to buy gems buy them otherwise do the usual raids you have done always like me. I’m a windows user too but i don’t complain for this little event they have done.



+1 windows phone user too :grinning:

1 windows user


PS: i dislike this so called “Double XP” event … wahat i want is more bread from farms and more silo levels.

How about weekend when “single player” without alliance doesn’t need to play against any boosted players. Or how about create something/anything for a change to players like me.

is there something good for high levels coming?


or you just wanna make us waste more food on raids and lose more skulls in wars? 


I would have liked this event when I was trying to reach level 80 for those gems, but I bet the majority of RR2 players see this event as a bad thing

This game is not only made for high level players. There are thousands of players who can and will take advantage of double exp weekend, and they will appreciate it. I dont want to level up any faster than I already am, so I wont really take advantage of this double experience event.

No one is making you raid like a mad man during this event. If you dont want to, then dont.

Make a full Chamber of Fortune event, with no skulls only rewards so we would always get 3 rewards during the event. That’s something everyone would appreciate =P

that is a good idea… No laughing skull!! Everybody would love that!!!