Server update 09/08/2015



Today, September 8th, we had a short maintenance.

The release of the new version (1.9.0) has been finalized.


Your Royal Revolt 2 Team




Thank you for the info 

Cant prolong boosts won during war?


that’s a major game changer.


I hope you know what your doing Flare…

Sounds awesome to me. Honestly, those boosts have been nothing but gold sinks -__- Do you know how hard it to find a guild that actually /levels up/ anymore? Good riddance!

transfer account feature very convenient and wonderful :grinning:

yeah. bout 50M


spread across all member that cant survive without boosts, thats well worth it.


the real question will be do they extend at least till the end of the next war after you win.


if not, you will be without boosts with nothing you can do about it.

Good! We’ve been needing some variety!

Yeah i agree, SO many boosts … looks like everything will be boosted very soon !!! 


It is interesting on how leaders will manage all these boosts, but lets plan accordingly  :grinning:

Ahahaha !!! Lol 

Some alliances CAN still prolong the mummy, while other alliances cannot. This is not just a game changer, but extremely unfair!! Is that a bug or what’s happening !?

vanguard legion alliance can prolong mummy elite but cannot prolong doom gate and arblaster elite :slightly_frowning_face:


What’s funny?

Hello buddy boys and girls ,


You no longer will have the option to PROLONG rewards like “Arblaster,Doom Gate,Mummy” with GOLD


You got to win it with your team here on.