Server Update 09/12/2014

Hey everyone,


Our servers will be going down for maintenance shortly.


Please note that this is a pure maintenance update and does not include any changes on the player’s side.





Hi Jona I do not get video food since yesterday’s maintenance, when I click on the “watch video” button I just get 1-2 (per day) long videos that give me no food but 1 gem


Edit: iOS 8.1.2

Yes, same here. No videos yesterday

iOS 7.1

same IOS 8.1 here no video since yesterday

Same here. ios 7.1.2 no video since yesterday :angry:

Same here Samsung S5 android 4.4.2

Same here. Ios 8.1. all food video gives me 1gem. :slightly_frowning_face:

Maybe they gift us more food in fortune chamber but they stopped the video for food…

lol. my friend had seen video for food 10time yesterday. and today too. he use galaxy s4 :slightly_frowning_face:

It had been like this for me since they tweak mechanism that videos not preload,and we need to wait little to appear offer again.My offer went 1-2 a day after that.It don’t affect me much as I playing quite less now-a-days.

I will check up on this. I am not aware of any changes to the video feature with this update.

Hmm… yesterday after the maintenance I got “plenty” of food videos.

In fact, since a few days (maybe since Dec. 4th update, or a bit later) the free food mechanism works better for me.


This should be a coincidence. Yesterday’s update did nothing to alter the video feature. Please keep reporting if the issue consists throughout the next days. Right now, we are not aware of any major issues with this functionality, but we will keep an eye on the situation.

Videos for food has never worked for me, I get offered them, but either watch a vid with no reward afterwards (including one really long one from the BBC) or I get a gem for watching but no food. I don’t even bother trying anymore.

there arent video for windows phone ? 

True, but that has already been said in various other topics.

@All: Feel free to post a reminder in those topics dedicated to the lack of videos for Windows and Windows Phone, but please don’t post it everywhere as then it’s effectively offtopic/spamming. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Buenas a todos . Si alguien puede responderme se lo agradeceria tengo una duda lo que pasa q descargue el juego royal rebolt 2 en mi window phone pero me dispongo a cambiar de dispositivo y pasarme a android perp el ploblema que no se como pasar mi cuenta al android si alguien me ayuda se lo agradeceria por que no quiero perder lo mutcho que e avanzado si me pueden contactar este es mi correo para que me puedan colaborar gracias…


Official Language of the forum is english, translate please. thanks  :grinning:

how long it takes for maintenance ?

Please note this topic is about a server maintenance from December 9th. This maintenance is long over.

Usually those maintenances take anywhere between a few minutes and maybe an hour or two if things get complicated.