Server update 09/15/2015



Today, September 15th, we had a short maintenance.

It kicked off Granny Crazy Days!


We hope you will enjoy it!


Your Royal Revolt 2 Team


Edit: The event has ended today, Thursday 17th September.

what is this Crazy granny shit ?


Here players have gone crazy now … you want Granny or players ?


Explain in detail… what this pain in shit did Granny get now  :angry:

what is  Granny Crazy Days ? 

yesterday I bought gems sale of 50% in 1050 to pay for an item  :stuck_out_tongue:

Please explain what is granny crazy days?

Hey :slight_smile:


We encountered troubles starting the Crazy Granny Days and are currently working on a solution.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

But you still don’t explained the meaning of : Crazy Granny Days 

Hmm, I don’t know if it’s the idea behind granny crazy days but what I noticed is that after one spin 15 minutes ago, now I can see it regenerated by itself quite quickly, new items and again 1 gem cost for a spin

Special offers ( reduced price )for items . FG  need money now, cos no one is scrolling  :slight_smile:

This serverupdate made me miss my gems from finishing second/third (was pretty close last i checked, dont know where I finished) in diamond league… When I started the game I was already enlisted in a next tournament, without clicking the enter and without receiving the gems… How can I get them anyway??

Scrolling has been well replaced by gems used for war chests in chamber of fortune


In order to access cof, raiding must be easy (i.e. more players accessing cof).


At the same time everybody feels a super raider (i.e. more activity in general and heavy activity in wars because it is the only way to get new boosts).


thats why everybody can scroll free now

Contact Support Team telling them your problem here:

Ok, I saw at least 3 server mainainces, is granny crazy days working ? If yes what’s the difference ? I can’t notice anything

For me, Crazy Granny is working as follows -


Roll new items: Fixed cost of 1 gem (earlier it used to be increasing as 1 -> 2 -> 3 and so on…)

                         Fixed cost of 0 gem for 1 roll after buying any item


Level of items - Granny is offering much better items on rolls (she even offered my legendary items for gold)


Hope that helps!

I really dont understand flare’s politics… If they read all our comments flare should realized that we are disappointed every single moment a new way to spend gems is released…

K, I get it, 1 gem spin. Not going to use it anyway, lol. With their politics better is to save gems in order to buy war victory :wink:

Honestly, I this one is not disappointing… I spent 10 gems and bought 3 legendary items (1 for gold and 2 for pearls). Moreover, you can make do without spending gems for this. Its not like those skulls in cof where your alliance’s victory depends on gems :slight_smile:


Also, I feel that it is helpful for low level players as they can get really good epic items for gold by rolling at 1 gem