Server Update 09/30/2014

Hey everyone,


the servers will be going down for maintenance shortly.


The following changes will be implemented:


  • Pearl Scrolls now give gems to the defender when used during an attack
  • Loot adjustments: Mid-level players should see more loot
  • Balance changes to the Werewolf: Increased HP
  • Balance changes to the Gargoyle: Damage decreased

Please use this thread to give feedback on these changes as well as reporting any problems that you might encounter.


Thanks and have fun playing!


Edit: I just noticed that posting in this thread was disabled. I changed this now and you should be able to reply normally. My bad.

i went top100 then top50… my loot went from 250 to 200. might even fall to 180 if this continues… wont you increase top100 loot? eventually top20-10 will only give me good loot, my hero cant handle those… i actually did you you guys wanted. go up the ranks but what i faced were stronger players and my loot slowly getting lower and lower. thanks for the medal boost. not sure if its for all or what. well you got that right if it was intended

Server again maintenance now. Is any problem in last maintenance?


I think they had a bug…attacked a base, didn’t 100% it, however I got 0 gold, 0 medals, 0 trophies.

Still not got gems for scrolls atack

Same for me.And it’s more chance to get defeated in top 100.Loot is low may be because same 80 players raid each other so we only get game generated money not from their treasure chamber but still…

thank god i haven’t raid after these recent maintenances. another bug?! plyrs are complaining now. these are the example from other plyrs.



I ment from Pearl scrolls atack:)



The missing loot was a bug that was addressed and fixed immediately. Sorry for the inconvenience.

@jona… top 100 then top50 loots are getting worse and worse. steady drop is there anyway to rebalance that?

jona, there is a free gems option but clicking on it doesn’t do anything. 

Pleased to see the rebalancing: some very good changes with today’s maintenance.


Specifically, I saw these changes:


  • Bladestorm: Max Level Increased to Level 8. 2984 +597 for 3581 Normal Damage. Time: 9D 14H; Cost: 7M. 
  • Werewolf, Stats Buffed.  Level 3 was 253 Damage, 6370 HP; Now 280 Damage, 7840 HP.  
  • Gargoyle, Stats Nerfed. Level 4 was 1830 Damage; now 1524.  
  • Snake Tower, Stats Buffed.  Level 9 was 141 Poison Damage, 17450 HP.  Now 212 Poison Damge, 22140 HP.  
  • Time Warp, Stats Buffed.  Level 3 duration increased from 10 seconds to 15 seconds.

What Other Changes Have you Seen?  

Wow. Nice update. I am seeing nice medals now in 3400 range. If not for your post Sn1kt, I would be thinking i already have max bladestorm. Snake towers are already dreaded by me… Its more horrifying this halloween time. I like the nerf on both Gargoyle and Werewolf. Still at level 1 werewolf, so not sure how this helps with offense. Gargoyle not yet tested with the new decrease.

Lol I just noticed the new level of Bladestorm before I looked at the forums. Was wondering if I was imagining things lol


Fun thing about updates in RR2: you never know what little Easter eggs Flare will leave behind.  

Gargoyle Tower can now be upgraded to lvl 9 (if anyone ever bother)

Firebolt tower now have 250% weakness against fire damage. It was 300% before, right?

sword rain has lvl 10 

arrow tower is buffed (hp increases)