Server update 10/06/2015: Voucher event!



Today, October 6th, we had a short maintenance. 

It kicked off the Voucher event!


This event will allow you to benefit the following:

  • Doubled the voucher reward for entering a friend code.
  • Massively increased the voucher reward for voucher-friends levelling up the hero
  • Doubled the voucher rewards for friends buying gem-packages.


We hope you will enjoy this event!


Your Royal Revolt 2 Team

Nah…crappy event

The funny part is that: everybody share its code but nobody enter it because we most of people have already entered it …

I cant even see the “Enter Friend Code” Tab 


IGN - Indigo Vision


I have reported this in the bug section.

You can it seems only add one friend code, after that its getting new users who haven’t done so already to enter your code that gets you both vouchers, its Flares way encouraging new users

This would have been an excellent event to give everybody who entered a high level kings code a second chance and give everybody an opportunity to enter a second code!

It’s absurd how the code is one use only, it’s almost impossible to have 15 voucher friends, to this moment everyone has used the code already, so no vouchers for anyone…

  • “Massively increased the voucher reward for voucher-friends levelling up the hero” … I don’t say no to that  :slight_smile:  

This voucher event helped me a lot, it helps me to get 0 new voucher-friend isn’t good ? 

I hoped from the first time that you created this event to get new voucher-friends after weeks and weeks, but nothing, then someone enter your code and then after few days you see him/her inactive and you have to find another one, it’s a endless loop.



The voucher event has ended.

Thank you for your feedback :slight_smile:


Your Royal Revolt 2 Team


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