Server Update 10/10/2014

Hey everyone,


today’s server update adressed a bug that prevented Android users from connecting to the game. Everything should be back to normal now.





I don’t know it’s coincidence or not, but I just found these error.



First picture occurs, I just press back and press icon to that window again it’s back to normal.

But once I continue choose Favorite base, second picture occurs.


And I think game shut down itself more often. Past, very Rarely once or twice a week. Present, just today 3-4 times. My plateform is windows phone 8.1 Lumia 920.

same in lumia 520…and zoname how did u upload the pic?


To upload pic.

  1. Press “More Reply Options”. (Under answer box)

  2. Press “Choose Files” to select pic. (Also under answer box)

  • If no popup press “Try our basic uploader”.
  1. You will have that pic under answer box, but don’t use “Add to post” cause other user won’t see that.

  2. Press “My media” button. (Over answer box)

  3. Press “Attachments”.

  4. Select uploaded picture.

  5. press finish.