Server Update 10/11/2014

Hello everyone,


A server update was implemented today.


The only change was a rescaling of the protected gold in the Treasure Chamber for individual levels of the building.


Higher level Treasure Chambers now protect more gold while lower levels protect slightly smaller amounts.


The maximum protected gold is still 750k at level 12.





Only to be sure if I understood properly…are you saying that by now the Gold Shield will protect, at max, only 750.000 gold?? Not all of it? For sure I didn’t understand your post…could you explain better, please? Thanks a lot…


No, I am not talking about the gold shield that can be bought or gotten for free. I am talking about the amount of gold that is protected by your Treasure Chamber automatically (750k at level 12). This has nothing to do with the gold shield.





When I have Level 12 Treasure Chamber and 200 Gold stored + in my Taverns 100k gold each one - can this Taverns gold be catched from an attacker? Or does it now count to the 750k shield?

Yes the tavern gold can be looted by attacker.

If you collect it from the taverns to your treasure chamber , only then it will be protected.


Ah ok, thanks!!!  :slight_smile:

450k reduces to 400k . lvl 10 .what increses/.???

“rescaling” not “increasing”…  :grinning:


I think lvl 9 decreased from 400k to 300k. When lvl 10 decreased from 450k to 400k, then I have to guess, but I think lvl 11 (before was 500k) might have stayed the same or even increased to like 550k. Also, as max lvl (12, 750k) stayed the same, you will finally get the “full” protection as high as before when you lvl up further! :grinning:

Also, some updates earlier no protection was there at all, meaning in the long run your protection increased by 400k from 0 to 400k now! :grinning:



I’d really appreciate if you could post the current gold protection amount for each treasure chamber lvl, please! :slight_smile:

I guess as you at Flaregames know the values it’s not that much work to write down the 24 numbers and would help to keep us players (and the Royal Revolt Wiki) up to date.


Basically before, from lvl 5 to lvl 7 gold protection increased by 200% from 100k to 300k within just 2 levels, then from lvl 8-11 always +50k steps, and then from 11 to 12 +250k. So a rebalancing/rescaling there basically seems fine and right to me. Other opinions?

This update can be useful if I had a high chamber level(currently lvl 9)

I think this update has ruined our loots again. Somehow now I couldn’t even raid a 200k loot, always says it is online. Before this update the common raid-able computer generated loot (minimum loot, 1st raid) was 300k (at my king lvl, 74).  

+1 :slight_smile:

Every update will mess something or other. You fell like you should stop spending money on this fucking game. Really frustrated with the way flare is making changes. On the other note, low level player get more videos than high level players who has supported this game this long. It has been 2 days I have not received any offer for food. Intresting fact, I started a new game on the same platform to test if Flare is fucking you, Yes, they are. I get around 20 videos where as a high level player, I don’t even get a single video for food.  Why in the hell do you want to support this game anymore?

Guys any other interesting game to play. it is time to say goodbye to RR2. I don’t want to handle this anymore.

 just cant wait for the alliances, etc.

+1, i also experiencing the same problem, in my case after several wars my loot dropped like crazy, usually i saw 160k-180k from my fave list but now they only offers me 90k-120k, after waiting for 2 hours-ish the loot increased a bit and after i raid it dropped again back to 90k-120k, this is frustating condition, how we could upgrading high lvl tower with this kind mechanism


Ok Go ahead Smuppala, Bye bye, u can leave the game… :slight_smile:

and be happy atleast Android and IOS gets free food and free gems,

imagine us Windows user… we get nothing!!!

There is no game in this world that are bug-free or perfect unless you play old game like Super Mario , completely free if you download it over the internet and like Avery said , Windows don’t even have any video feature and we still survive (some even reach the top 100)

Hsmk is a wnidows user and he is in top 5 some people are saying lame things they should leave the game because those people dont worth to this game they are idiots