Server Update 10/15/2015

Hello Kings & Queens!


We recently completed a short maintenance. Please see the following key updates and changes below. 

  • New Events:
    • The  Dungeon Run  event has started!
  • ​Balancing Changes
    • Gargoyle Nest  War Boost - Maximum of 3 Gargoyles in one wave, previously the maximum was set to 4 Gargoyles.
  • General Changes & Additional
    • Digging times will be reduced during the event 
    • Unlock troops, gear and Gems faster than ever
    • Boosts:  Insta Goyle & Stargazer Tower - coming soon!
  • Bug Fixes:
    • We recently made several updates to address performance issues when large numbers of Gargoyles are present on screen.
    • Addressed an issue that results in reduced frame rate performance during hero movement on some devices.
    • Fixed an issue that caused the ranges of upcoming Special War Boosts to be shortened.   

As always  Thank You!!!  and see you on the Battlefield!!! 

Your Royal Revolt 2 Team



Nothing to the High Level Kings.  :angry:


All we high level finished the Dungeon.


You should have bring crazy grandma days, because everybody needs change yours itens, with scream nerf.

Question, why doesn’t Stun stop the Gargoyles from coming out of the boosted Gargoyle tower? 

Jack, as you remember to provide the info on the scream boost nurf, I want to draw your attention to the FG video on the new war season special boost Stargazer tower.  If you watch the video from FG on this boost it recommends 2 ways to combat it:


  1. Scream

  2. Scroll


So, more info is needed regarding your review of the scream boost nurf before the Stargazer is unleashed.

ahhh this update solves all my problems with i can play again.what a very rapid response this was.

All of this should have been included in the last crappy update.



I agree with Snofolopagas. You suggest we use Hero Scream and Scroll to destroy stargazer tower.

There is no Hero Scream and anything that is involved with Offense has also been nerfed completely. So you just want us to scroll all day.

I wonder what else has been nerfed with this update.


You get an extremely sarcastic 5 stars for this update.

Event ONLY for low levels???  :angry:


There are a lot of high level players that have been with you for months and now you just ignore them all?

You should have added something for them too, like the gold donation bonus and Magic Gems Chests in the “Alliance Party!” Event.


High level players should always be your focus!


If you make events and updates that favor high level kings you would be stimulating them to keep playing, and at same time stimulate low level kings to play and become high levels too.

When you make events and updates to favor low level players, you are discouraging high level players and that will discourage low level kings too, or you think they will like to know that a lot of players quit the game because it gets bad when they reach high levels? 


…another question, why Ice effect doesn’t affect boosted Gargoyle tower? Even after being hit with Blizzard they keep throwing gargoyles every 5 seconds