Server update 11/06/2015 - Alliance Party

Since I can’t ask questions in this topic, I’ll make one on my own.


When will this event end? And will there be a discount during that period? :stuck_out_tongue:



It will run till November 9th 10am :slight_smile:

Concerning discount, I am not aware of any special ones during this time.

Sorry to say this , but you are killing the game, with all those generosity of faster upgrades , decreasing of the prices for defense buildings (Defense Boost Even), free chests, double EXP … 

it’s been weeks since I’ve nothing to upgrade in my defense and  i have  always 12 M in my treasure,

I propose to find solutions for spend gold that we win , otherwise  other players will leave the game (I noticed that many of them have left the games because they felt they ended the games). I invite you to think about adding more levels for -Throne room , Academy ,wizard tower ,treasure chamber ,inventor workshop .  - adding more landscapes 

happy to say this, you are breathing life into the game, with all the generosity of faster upgrades, decreasing the prices for defense buildings, free chests, double EXP…


I also invite you to think about adding more levels for

-Throne room, troop academy, wizard tower treasure chamber, inventor workshop.

Weebo, its not breathing life as you will find out as you level higher, its making a great big bottle neck of higher level kings … the same higher level kings who have had to pay full whack for the upgrades and defence buildings so far … its actually as VIP stated killing the game.

I would welcome a new level of the alliance tower, or a second alliance tower, or anything that can make me donate more for free than the 500k daily :slight_smile:

20% off is hardly bargain of the century. But just enough to entice me to give them my precious gems. I get it’s a little unfair on the other players but I upgrade knowing how flare operate. They reduced the dungeons in the same manner, you pay a premium to be first I guess. I hope to be part of that bottle neck of players, these promos of exp and reduction in upgrades keep me excited enough to play otherwise I wouldn’t level up I would just raid casually.


Drum, Vip.I think game add new things to end game player a lot more than lower one.More levels for waves and troop for example.And towers.

You just cant expect it to be constantly updated though.I do however think we need something new, say different game style for player level 100+ or PVP mode for alliance/individual

High level players will very much need new stuff to keep our distance from lower-level players. Drum and VIP are right. Add more content, Flare!




Allow high level players to boost spells/troops individually through gold. Even if only 10% more power, that would be a helpful for those of us who find we have a lot of gold in our chamber and little to spend it on.


More levels to buildings, yes, but also more limitations so other players have to grind and build up their bases first. We need things like “Upgrade Throne Room when you reach level 95 for 9M gold”

Flare will never allow players at the top to keep their distance from lower level players, the simple reason is it’s bad game design. Your money is as good as the next mans/womens If they allowed people with 1-2 years xp stay ahead on that basis new customers will quit as soon as they know what’s going on around them. These days you pay enough to get into a good alliance you can level up quick even a strong defence with boosted bomb towers.


I do like the idea of new throne room at level 90 and so on. but I don’t believe someone should stay ahead because of exp or grinding, it should always come down to skill. In this case raiding success % or who knows maybe others ways of showing ability like mini-games

I’f you have that much gold lying around then you should open your base for me!.

found it! added new bugs. sticky touches (reports from several players at different platforms), more stupid troops as if they are waiting to be hit first at offense (hero scream could help, but sometimes it will fail, players have more chances to lose raids)… and i bet there are more implanted bugs, we will find them soon. wow, this game is so great! cos we play intentionally to lose! i feel good after losing a lot!.. *sarcasm


Are you Edward’s brother ? All you do is complaint about bug myths, all the time.


I’m not concerned with new players catching up quickly… I am more concerned with getting new content.


What we have now just gets boring.

The only new content we get is boosts, and Flare is so predictable they gave some towers and troops 2 boosts.


We need new troops, or towers. Anything new really.

Wow, I almost missed this event since there’s no in-game notifications that it’s happening (for Windows/Windows Phone players only, apparently).  The only reason I noticed it was because I went to the forum which isn’t something I do daily. 


Can you please at least send an in-game mail when one of these events starts?  



As far as I know, for now we are not able to do this kind of communication, unfortunately :confused:

There are announcements on the forums and on facebook about these events.