Server update 11/17/2015: Discussion

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Here you can discuss the last update!

Hi Aether,


Why was this server update needed?

Only for Crazy Granny’s Day and prepare for the Blacksmith update or there are other things as well?


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The event should be modified , items should be found in gold only, ie any item can be purchased via using gold



As you said Budakalasz, this update was only to enable Crazy Granny Days, and prepare the next update. :slight_smile:

I think you guys should add some free stuff for all player after a server update . You know, 100 voucher ,50 gems ,magic chest . This would help an update more enjoyable if there is not much thing new after it .

Thats too much of an ask surely ? Cuz I was offered a cape with 600+ leadership increase, if thats for gold then everyone will have crazy stats in no time.Its for 700 gems, I pass lol

Good event but price too high, some item worth 800 gems.The stats increase are good but $5 for one gears is expensive regardless.Should add 40% to 60% discount too.

Never noticed how annoying that effect when Epic and Legendary items appear was, I’m just closing my eyes after tapping re-roll and waiting for the sound it does when the effect is over  :sunglasses:

Please decrease the price for slots in Item Inventory, they cost me 500 gems now!  :huh:


just keep re-rolling! you’ll find great items for gold  :grinning: